10 Affordable Camping Trailers for the New Generation 2020

Finding an affordable trailer for camping isn’t just about the price. It should still have all you need while keeping it simple in the process.

If you’re part of the new generation then one of these practical options may be just what you’re looking for in 2020.

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Featured 2020 Camping Trailers ⭐
Honorable Mention:
10:07 Ooni Pro Outdoor Pizza Oven

00:28 Cherokee Grey Wolf 26MK
1:31 KZ-RV Escape E211RB Camper
2:29 Heartland Wilderness 2300DB
3:26 Forest River Vibe 18RB Camping Trailer
4:48 Transcend Xplor 243BH
Base Price: $19,679
5:57 Keystone RV Bullet 258RKS
6:55 Venture RV Sonic SN211VDB Trailer
7:55 Winnebago Minnie Drop 210RBS Travel Trailer
9:01 Salem 28FKV
10:25 Crossroads Zinger ZR299RE Camper Trailer

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Voiceover: Reacher

10 Affordable Camping Trailers for the New Generation 2020
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46 thoughts on “10 Affordable Camping Trailers for the New Generation 2020

  1. Thank you for watching and happy holidays to everyone!🎅🎄🤶 If you have a camper suggestion and would like to see it featured in a future video 🗣 leave us your recommendation in the comment section below.👇 For your convenience, prices and websites for the camper vans in this video are in the video description above.☝ If you'd like to see our full camper playlist have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJmAwjBwlfgIS2tibNdLT7OYkOd4w_YES

  2. 1970 designs for 2020? No thank you, these are embarrassing! Check European models for modern, efficient and clean designs.

  3. Forest River Wildwood FSX 179DBK is very impressive. A lot of camper in a smaller package. Very nice and cozy. Would love that.

  4. not really affordable when they are over $20,000+ for them. Now if they were like say under $12,000 for them. NOW that would be affordable. But, over $12,000 is just more of a money pit and waste of Money really.

  5. Your number 3 Winnebago Minnie has the ugliest interior in the already ugly inerior bunch. I am almost sure the construction of these trailers are sub-par.

  6. Do you have a four season trailer if you live in Canada 🇨🇦 that is the question let me know 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  7. I didn't like any of these. Not a one. They all look cardboard cheap, cold, sterile, and not functional in the way I need.

  8. I love all the camper designs but there is the issue no one is talking about. Quality control issues and build quality have become a real issue in the rv space. Makes you think twice about buying an expensive camper.

  9. Yetti. All aluminum frame and walls. Last forever and lighter. Not as cheap as these but the longer life makes up for it. Better resale value. also

  10. Not your fault Reacher that The RV industry is still offering drab interiors without any style or color while still using the same-ole-hideous (70-80's) cabinetry designs & floor plans with over-priced tags.
    The lack of creativity & innovation is the problem with US RV industry. They need to up their game and get with the 21 century designs please,, like, Wingamm, Knaus, Kedron, Adria, Chausson, Notin & Sunlinner and they can watch the coaches & Trailers fly off the lots.

  11. I can understand the price point you selected being that the oldest people in the "new generation" are 25yo and won't have the cash/credit for more expensive units. Almost all of the models described depict the same ole' designs of the last several years. And no stick-and-tin travel trailer could ever be described as innovative. The Crossroads Zinger's hidden pantry is the most excellent feature of all. But the coolness factor is immediately reduced by the boneheaded placement of the wine cooler right next and perpendicular to the electric fireplace!

    As a suggestion, in the same price range consider the Rockwood Geo Pro line. Also, their most recent A-frames are possibly the best pop-ups in the RV world.

  12. 농막에 각종 이 카라반같이 전자장비등을 넣은가격에 2배정도 가산한 가격이면 …한국에서 경쟁력있을 텐데….
    즉 6평한계인 농막가격이 15백만원이면 …….평당가격이 나오고
    가전이 들어있는 카라반이니 …그 장치가격을 더하고…하면 계산이 될것
    실제 영업에서는 구체적인 수자로 계산된 금액이 필요합니다,…
    김언아가 K팝가수 누가 한국에 이익을 3조을 기여했다든지하는 멍멍 소리는 그만 하구요!

  13. Number one was really nice, number seven maybe my favorite, many had bunk beds! We love our bunk beds! Thank you Reacher!

  14. Another great video of you live in the USA and presumably already have a large vehicle to cope with those massive hitch weights, otherwise you have to factor in the price of a new vehicle that can cope.

  15. Looking for the best trailer RV for oneself is harder than finding the right car or truck. There are many factors not covered that take digging to find: roof type, R-values of walls, number of axles, frame material (wood/aluminum), wall shell type, floor type, mattress type, tank capacities, number of windows (and openable number), slide-out mechanism, storage space, size of wheels, type of wheel rims, brand of tires, suspension type, warranty period, and so on. Thanks for the good overview though. It’s more work than evaluating a manufactured home!

  16. Well, now I know where the folks from Indiana work. I never realized so much of the RV production came from one state!

  17. The Quiz answer is
    Jim and Cathy Holcomb restoration
    , 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Rampside, 1963 Sani-Cruiser found in truckcamper magazine. Posted on January 31, 2017.

  18. The biggest problem with most RVs, is the bad warranty's. Lot's of States are now covering RVs under the lemon Laws, check your State.. To many times has a person bought an RV and it became useless in just over a year, in fact one person Recently bought a $300,000 motor home and was driving it home and it caught fire, & was destroyed, the worst part is the MFG didn't want to make good on it, so they sued for over twice the amount and won, but still a Headache.. So check your MFG's Warranty, and actually Read it…

  19. The trivia photo is a Chevrolet Corvair rampside pickup made here in America, with a camper conversion. I am not sure of the maker of the camper because at least two companies I know of made them. Bellweather being one of the makers of the conversions

  20. Great idea and video. I'm stumped on the quiz part of where it is from, but it sure is fun researching it none the less. Do you mean it's from Car Life magazine's roundup? lol idk

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