A Fanboy's Note 10/10+ Review

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The Note series was known to be the do-all smartphone phone from Samsung. Note 10 and Note 10 Plus changes all that for the better and the worse.
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34 thoughts on “A Fanboy's Note 10/10+ Review

  1. I'm a proud Note 9 owner so I guess that makes me a freak according to linus, who likes to pay extra for cram in features on his phone. 😜 I'm a freak 😂

  2. Nobody:
    Samsung: Let's remove the headphone jack to increase the battery life for 5 more minutes!
    Also Samsung: But only on the plus model, the standard one will have LESS battery life!

  3. I was considering getting the note 10+ from my note 9 but the no headphone jack really messes with me… I like to sing on smule and the app works terribly with things like air buds or anything else bluetooth.. Messes up the lyric timing and sometimes doesn't even pick them up… It'd be a true annoyance

  4. This is all exactly why I kept and will CONTINUE to keep my Galaxy Note 9 8gb/512gb model.

    It somehow remained the people's champ despite the ENTIRE 10 SERIES LINEUP.

  5. u forgot about night mode bcz it sucks on Samsung. Google does 10 times better than Samsung just with one camera that was released more than 2 years ago.
    big Samsung fan but disappointed.

  6. I thought the same also that the note10 is like an s-series with a pen. I think the only useful upgrade they made was with the camera.. that's it! and I don't think it's a good enough upgrade when you already have a note9

  7. I hope he know's that the technology on the one plus is not as safe and different technology and the one on the note is far safer and is super new technology and so it a bit slower and honestly what's the difference the amount of time between each phone unlock is a few seconds

  8. If he know's anything he should know that you can turn on developer options and you can speed up the animation to make it seem like things open quicker

  9. The note 10 is geared towards a specific part of the market that love everything the note offers but in a smaller frame. Ergonomics is important and something this video doesn't touch on at all 🤔

  10. I'm old fashioned and can't be bothered to put wireless earbuds into a carrying case and charge the freaking case daily. I want my phone to have good old-fashioned 3.5mm wired earphones plugged in at all times, and my earphones either in my ears or wrapped around my neck. Bring the 3.5mm jack back with Note 11, Samsung. I'll buy three.

  11. Linus: glad to see that the note 9 bucked the trend of millimeter thin bezels
    Me: you mean the trend they basically started? Lol

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