40 thoughts on “Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 25 Dark Moon 2/2

  1. When Dan and Drago defeated Spectra and Helios they became friends and Mira got his brother back. Dan and Mira shun with Julie morercho with Runo Runo and Dan is old news
    Bakugan should come back with this couples this version

  2. I have watched the Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Black Cat, Sword Art Online, FairyTail, Naruto, Beyblade Metal and Bakugan New Vestroia. I never knew about season 3 or 4 of Bakugan. So I saw it and this is my first Mechtanium Surge. And It is kinda really interesting. But I still need to watch the other eps.

  3. +TheSupergamer1122 Their both too awesome. But I call them punk rocker spectra and goth spectra because of the outfits:):)

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