41 thoughts on “Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 26 The Final Takedown 2/2

  1. Remember in gundalian invaders when dharak used dragos dna to evolve . If he hadn't done that he wouldn't have survived into this series .

  2. Every villain is just so upset by drago evolving its great, mag Mel was like; this time it was just your sheer will that let you evolve are you kidding me!!

  3. Titanium dragonoid was my personal favorite evolution of drago
    I hate fusion dragonoid he looks like a cyborg bakugan just like helios and he has the same wings from gundam

  4. Ok since evolved Razenoid didn't get renamed im officially naming him Nightmare Razenoid so now the evolution chart is Dharak, Phantom Dharak, Razenoid and Nightmare Razenoid. I seriously wish he got a ball form with legs.

  5. And this is the last of the best brawler in Bakugan, Spectra Phantom/ Keith Clay (Fermen) You will be missed ❣ Thanks for making this season somewhat bearable

  6. I mean why the fuck they haven't made a Mechtanium Surge game yet? they got a bunch of interesting characters (except Wiseman) and surely they could have made a cool alternate storyline with that.

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