37 thoughts on “Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 29 Mysterious Bond

  1. I Love how the portrays eyes lighting up to let them know that he's fighting again. lol so much right there

  2. I activate Polymerization fusing Haos Reptak with Pyrus Fusion Dragonoid to form Aeroblitz Cool Armored Dragonoid!

  3. Smh… lazy writing… no wonder this season was bad. Demonstration: 11.00 that was “dragon overcannon” or something that dan yelled. But the move drago did was “dragon thrasher”, this is what happens when writers get lazy😒
    And 14:19 that was dragon astrel…. wtf can these producers do anything right??

  4. Is it just me or I think Betadron, Balista, Tremblr Wiseman Helios Lync have both the same voice actor but only Betadron and Helios are more deeper but the rest have the same voice

  5. Is it just me or Bakugans got more powerful every season
    I mean..
    In season 1
    The average bakugan can is only 300p-500p
    In season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    WTF im pretty sure the original Bakugan six aside from drago is outclassed now along with the New Vestroia Bakugan…
    Oh yeah not to mention more and more mechanical
    Season 1
    Organic Bakugan!
    Season 2
    Cyborg bakugan and fully mechanical and also rare battle gear
    Eh still good enough
    Season 3
    Tbh I haven't watched alot yet
    Season 4
    oh wait I thought this was Gundam….

  6. Drago should defeat those Bakugans very easily because he has the powers of Code Eve and should be the ultimate Bakugan

  7. 18:25
    The combo between drago and reptak looks awesome.
    This combo makes drago look like a suited space ranger.

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