Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 38 Jump to Victory

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 38 Jump to Victory.
Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 38 Jump to Victory.
Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 38 Jump to Victory.
Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 38 Jump to Victory.


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36 thoughts on “Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 38 Jump to Victory

  1. Yooo Titanium Dragonoid is even better than fusion Dragonoid why?

    -Titanium Drago has 6 perfect core, in his Chest, Elbows, Knees , and the Tail
    -Titanium Drago has way better and surperior attacks like Core Buster and Titanium Hummer for more Agility
    -Titanium Drago has better wing design
    -Titanium Drago has more defence like Titanium Screen and Asteroid Sheild
    -Titanium Drago can easily bust down 3 methagons in one shot using Dragon Maximum Striker
    Fusion Drago Sucks at battle here but how can he killed razenoid in one shot but in this episode his a complete downgrade to Titanium Dragonoid.

    Therefore Titanium Dragonoid should have never evolved to Fusion Dragonoid.

  2. So if you made it this far in the entire series, just take the time to really reflect what’s been taken out of the show. There are no more gate cards, no more gauntlets, no more trap bakugan, no more battle gear, no more G powers shown in battle, no more baku-nanos, no more mobile assault vehicles, no more mechtogan titans. And plus I don’t think I’ve seen any life bars being used. Man, this show has changed.

  3. Am i the only one who sees power rangers and pokemon "fusion" combined to bring forth the ultimate monster bakugan… just me no prob 😧must be seeing things yu-gi and what not

  4. For Drago, these fights had to be very easy to win because he has the power of Code Eve and the power he won when he defeated Mag Mel

  5. Pathetic… they need 3 bakugan and a mectagon DESTROYER to take out two nonets? Bruh… drago evolved a thousand times and frikin destroyed dharak as well as obtained the power of the sacred orb AND more. The orb has so much power dharak early died from touching it, how come drago can’t just 2v1?? He should b a literal god right abt now. Remember the explosion he did in bakugan interspace? And that form was weaker than this one!!!

  6. Can't the nonets calm down a little bit, cause they keep saying "Revenge will be ours for what the original Dragonoid did to us, so let's destroy Drago"!

  7. This isn't Bakugan at all!
    They fused Power Rangers SPD+Pokemon+ 10% of Original Bakugan.

    Why did they do so? Ruined a good show.

  8. fuck writers! Runo is a good brawler and Tigrerra is one of the coolest bakugan ever, japanese always make everything so twisted after original season

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