27 thoughts on “Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 47 1-2 High Quality

  1. Can't believe that the antagonists in this season have plans that involve enslaving a group of individuals to give them power e.g. Anubias and Sellon taking on brawlers in Interspace to outnumber the Battle Brawlers and Coredegan taking on Gunz's appearance and brawling style so the Nonets can have a battling partner, make a negative remark about New Vestoria, collect negative battling energy to become stronger, and have their true plans that actually involve destroying Earth, New Vestoria, Vestal, Gundalia, and Neathia.

  2. As if Mechtanium Surge didn't rip off Dragonball Z enough, we've got Dragonoid Destroyer absorbing all bonds around the world and turning gold to defeat a robot.
    Its Super Android 13 all over again.

  3. How did this show end? Did they just stop with no solid goodbye? Did they at least make an episode saying that it's the last?

  4. Wait what Drago has evolved more that his ancestor and has 2 perfect cores and the power of the ancients and the element how is he still can't be the most OP bakugan

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