Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Chaos Campaign Expansion Teaser

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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 gets the massive Chaos Campaign Expansion and free single-player update on June 24

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, the definitive video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s incredible space battle game, is getting bigger, better, and more spectacular with the new Chaos Campaign Expansion revealed in today’s Teaser Trailer, and releasing on June 24. This massive DLC, arriving alongside a free patch filled with updates to the game’s single-player offerings, delivers the most requested new feature of the game: a fully playable Chaos Grand Campaign, letting you take the role of the galaxy’s worst nightmares as they raze the galaxy.

Releasing at the same time as the Chaos Campaign will be the no-less major Campaign Update. Free to all players, this update enriches every campaign with additional secondary objectives on each map, diversifying gameplay significantly. This is further expanded by new campaign settings, letting you customise every aspect of the campaign to your needs, with massively variable difficulty. This includes larger fleets, economy options, or disabling certain features for a more narrative-focused experience. This is just scratching the surface of everything in the update, details of which will be available on release day.

The expansion will offer incredible value on dozens of hours of new content, a whole new story, new missions, new campaign mechanics and much more. The Chaos Campaign Expansion is the largest update yet for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, only possible thanks to the dedication and continued feedback of the community.

The Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 Chaos Campaign DLC releases June 24 via Steam. The free Campaign Update will release the same day.


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28 thoughts on “Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Chaos Campaign Expansion Teaser

  1. "After Thor finally beheaded him, all members of Avengers left the remain body of their archenemy layed in his forever rest and returning to their homeplanet Holy Terra. Without notice, a group of people had managed to brought his death body to the realm of warp, unforgiving world of the blood god. Here, he was awoken by the snarling voices and found out he was in somekind of chamber, then, someone approached to him, a menacing shape, wearing red tainted armor of blood and dressed with the skull arounds it. He asks where he's exactly he was, but the entity refused to give an answers and tell him to follow it. Time had just passed by, then a ritual ceremony had been hold, in his deepest heart his still doesn't remember who he was before. The ritual was started, the cultist priest summons the messenger of the blood god through sacrificial pawn, the sacrifice screams in pain and the hall was filled with the horrors. Finally, the messenger arrive, without hestitate, the messenger choose him and gave his name, Malos Vrykan, servant of the ruinous power of Kharneth, the ethernal carnage. He was promoted to lead the bloodiest campaign in history of life, to wage a mass killing sprees through out the galaxy, void ships of crimson tide bleeded the stars, the tide of servants of Khorne will keep marching, until the last drip of blood from the last living being had dried out.

    Will the Avengers able to repel this apocalypse?

  2. Focus Home Interactive has a history of being unable to do Chaos properly. I have little hope for this being an actually fleshed out campaign.

  3. So Thanos not only snapped in our real universe to spread chaos, he even travelled to Warhammer universe to do it to


  4. eh
    Another of Abbadon's lapdogs, would be more interesting if he was like a Red Corsair or even Huron Blackheart himself showing the true might of chaos.

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