24 thoughts on “Blade and Soul Leveling Grinding Method (All Classes)

  1. hey im a level 25 Blade master can i do the vulteres dig grind spot? whats a good build for it? also is it possible to get to level 45 before march 23rd as a F2P player since i want to do that whole event they are doing thanks

  2. So i do only the story quests and when i encounter these dungeons i do them or do i rush to the dungeons without questing?

  3. I couldn't help but notice that you still do advance in the questline. Now i'm wondering, did you pick up where you left off, or is there a way to "skip" quests?

  4. +Carthh So like is it faster to get 45lvl by farming dungeons and doing only story quests? Even w/o soup and premium acc?

  5. None of the links for the skill builds seem to work for me, they're all clean skill cheats. I'm interested in the KFM build

  6. Thanks for the video, was just wondering though, approximately how many hongmoon soups you would need to do this 1-45?

  7. I lv'd 4 char's so far all using story and i really needed this for the other chars i plan to max (all of em)

    Skill builds you have linked below done seem to have any skill points used…

  8. Are we missing important level 45 daily quests just by grinding like this? One I know i'm missing is the one from level 36 dungeon

  9. How long did it take you to go from 1 to 45 with this method? Seem painfully repeated and from what I`ve figured from the dung farming EXP results, it`s not that much faster.

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