[Blade & Soul] Blade Master – New 3rd Awakening Skills (In Development)

Recently there’re some new updates for Blade Master, the skills set still are in development because they’re lack of sounds or animation. So these new skills won’t be the last, maybe they will be modified or upgraded.

Game: Blade & Soul – The Signature Eastern Fantasy MMORPG
Genre: Next-Gen Action MMORPG
Enviroment: World Map (Outdoor)
Developed by: Team BloodLust
Published by: NCsoft
Server: Korea

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45 thoughts on “[Blade & Soul] Blade Master – New 3rd Awakening Skills (In Development)

  1. Actually… what is that random woman?…XD Why tho?…Why not…for example a fox demon or anything else, like a cool desinged demon or something but who is that random woman skill? XDD

  2. I just want pre awakening skills back. Why cant i decide myself what skills i want to use. When i skill for PVP 1. i dont have any anti block stuff left 2. I have no option deciding if my skill should stun/daze or Knockback 3. Stance switches automaticly way to fast so sometimes i die cause my char switches to kfm stance when i want it in FM Stance 4. I need my Stun at 4 who the fuck thought its a good idea to give bm 2 tabs but remove 100 to 0 on SF. I am speaking about SF of course but any class expect for Gunner is trash now. (PVP wise Gunner is trash too i just mean to say it didnt change much so this class is still ok. (A guy who was like top 5 minus twinks before patch)

  3. First i was so excited to this game but i didnt expect that the GB of this game is so high and so long to download even the update is so long i think it will tale 7 days before it will finish so i stoped it

  4. okay, if BM now is ranged dps-class, then give gunner miniguns or beam/rocket cannons (or you can do it much simplier – give them black rock shooter's gun) (naryu techonlogies and all), 2 spirits for warlock, necromancer or dark magic to summoner, 2x-graded sword for warrior…

  5. It's nice to see you guys still remember me. I was just so busy with my work as Product & Game Designer and focused on enjoying my games, but my inspiration with RPG and action games are unchanged. I also play another MMORPGs and mobile games for years, currently are Lost Ark and KOF Netmarle.

    I didn't share much about how I experience or stream them. The way I compose my videos about these games is how about game contents bring to you. So in the future, I hope I can share them as you can see how I made with Blade & Soul 🙂

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