Blade & Soul: Explanation of Skill Trees + Blade Master Class Details

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This video contains my own editing and commentary and is for educational purposes.!


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44 thoughts on “Blade & Soul: Explanation of Skill Trees + Blade Master Class Details

  1. looks really fun, happy, kind of what i was hoping for when i started ff14, but didn't get, maybe this game can satify my urges

  2. This was like 30% helpful, 70% cringe from dude just bragging about him soloing dungeons, and his build, didn't really explain in detail how to even trigger your certain skills or good combos to chain, you just talked about nonsense for like 25minutes.

  3. I gotta say, having played the game and seeing how skills perform i am very happy with the combat. It feels very rewarding to actually get a combo on an enemy and take them out quickly. Enemies also feel like a challenge to kill.

  4. Good and educative video….wish i saw this before lv 22. Actually could you point me to a good guide on a combo list for Bm? Or more like a bit of guide how to play it. Or a hotkey guide…what is worth to put on really fast accest and what buttons can be fast to reach…i am currently using eqfcx tab caps rmb-lmb shift and control and space for there default use…1234 seems really bad to use. Or any other suggestions?

  5. Mr.Happy…. what are you doing here…. i thought the only game you played was FF14. Nice to see ya man… and thnx for the info, love your guides.

  6. Whats the point of dodging boss attacks? almost all attacks are able to be blocked and it rebuilds Chi..; So why would u use blindside in boss battles?

    Also if u go solo in dungeon do you get more drops or do u keep getting the same amount as a 4 man dungeon.

  7. Very great video! You explained the skill tree very well! Much better than alot of other BnS vids I've watched for help on that. Thanks!

  8. I think its great that you are getting sponsored by NCSoft. You were already playing their game, and I am sure you would of made some videos about it without them. The money on top of what you would of already done is great. Hope you get a lot more sponsors of the games you are already playing in the future.

  9. MrHappy! just want to than you for this video. And I fully support you making B&S content, to me the more the better. Also if you are being sponsored to do these videos I say good for you! So far my wife and I are absolutely loving the game. If I had Mr.Happy videos covering this game to me it'd be all the more reason to play it! Kung fu master for life! rawr!

  10. Sponsored videos are such shit… even when someone says "these are my own opinions" etc… I have a huge distrust when someone is PAID to review a product from the creators and owners of the product…

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