Brave Alm, Micaiah, Eliwood, & Camilla | CYL3 | Fire Emblem Heroes Banner Review (FEH)

Hey everyone and welcome to a Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) Banner Review of Brave Echoes, the Choose Your Legends 3 (CYL3) for this year. Featuring Brave Alm, Brave Eliwood, Brave Micaiah, and Brave Camilla.

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12 thoughts on “Brave Alm, Micaiah, Eliwood, & Camilla | CYL3 | Fire Emblem Heroes Banner Review (FEH)

  1. I'm Also A Huge Eliwood Fan & I'm So Glad That He Got The Respect He Deserves In The 3rd Gen, Cause It's Not Often For U To Get Both A Legendary & A Brave Alt In The Same Season/Gen… & Both R Amazing & Considering On How Mixed Cavalry Units R In This Game, This Is A Focking Miracle, So Glad I Chose Him As My CYL Free Unit, Which BTW, I Also Got Both A Spd Buff B. Camilla In My FIRST Round Of Summons & A Res Buff B Micaiah, Sure, I Didn't Get B. Alm (YET!!! Cause Incluiding B. Alm, I Only Need 4 More B. Alts To Have ALL CYL Alts In The Game, So, Alm, Ike, Ephraim & Verônica, I Only Need Those 4 Left) Aldo I Still Need That L. Eliwood, But Once I Do…
    L. Roy, L. Hector. L. Lyn & L. Eligod Have Conquered Elibe!!!

  2. I was originally going to get Alm as my free unit and then try and pull for Camilla or Micaiah, but since Echoes was my first FE game he has a special place in my heart, so I kept pulling for him and managed to get a plus atk Alm! I'm happy he made it in CYL 3

  3. I choose Micaiah for the free unit (due to a rare condition called addiction to tellius) and now I am evaulating my choices because she has the same job as Yune as flying magic wall, glacies/iceberg murderess and debuffer

  4. Also voting for Alm this January 😂😂 I was so sad for him when Eliwood beat him, (though I really like the outcome jshshs)

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