Corsair Glaive Pro + Ironclaw Wireless RGB Mice Review

Corsair send over their new Glaive RGB Pro and Ironclaw Wireless RGB mice and they are both premium options with precision and comfort, but are they right for you?

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43 thoughts on “Corsair Glaive Pro + Ironclaw Wireless RGB Mice Review

  1. Is that Ed Kemper on your shirt? Looks exactly like him. Was having trouble listening to your review, seeing him right there throughout the vid and wondering why you'd be wearing him.

  2. Battery life on higher end gaming mice suffer generally because of polling rates. When you have a higher end mouse that's polling at 500hz or 1000hz you're greatly dropping the life of the battery in order to report it's position much more often for it to be lower latency. Your battery life is also likely being effected by use of RGB if it's setup how you have it on the video. RGB on wireless mice is a massive battery drain. Also, as you mentioned, these batteries usually have much lower capacities for weight and size. It's actually pretty impressive given the specs of these newer wireless mouse being able to get 1-2 days out of battery life between charges but disable your LEDs if you really want to prolong it.

    Also, Timmy, I recommend changing the liftoff distances to low and the button response time optimization to high out of the gate in the performance tab. The defaults are pretty wonky. That, and in order to save to the mouse's onboard memory, you have to change the entire profile at the top to Hardware then use the bottom tab to save it to the mouse. My software was missing that option and I ended up having to reinstall it to fix it.

  3. Corsair Wireless stuff shuts down after 15 mins of no use. So it last longer then 25 hours. If you're really worried about it. Buy their wireless charger Mouse Pad…

  4. Hi sir i noticed that for the review you are using a MM350 Champion edition can you tell me if there is any difference on the material used in that mousepad compared with the typical gray mm350 ?

  5. Timmy, sems like you were very happy during the test of this Corsair mice? Other wise video won't be that great 🙂

  6. Gaming Mouse with months-long battery life…I think you're asking for a lot. Especially when they don't run off of AA or AAA batteries and instead are rechargeable. I dont think ive seen a gaming mouse have battery life that long unless it's older and uses AA or AAA batteries.

  7. Corsair needs to fix/optimize their iCue app. It uses 1 gb of ram for me and I only have 8 gbs. Windows and iCue using 3/8 gbs is a bit too much…

  8. Does the glaive rpg pro have the same problem with the older glaive that causes the left or right and sometimes both Mouse Buttons to double click after a long time of using?

  9. Hey Timmy, it is so awesome that you are getting some awesome stuff from Corsair to review!!! I like your breakdown on the separate products !!!

  10. How would you compare them to the M65 Pro I tried out a lot of the mice a Bestbuy, buying and returning before deciding to keep the M65 a year ago because I love the weight and quality how would these compare I used the old glaive and I thought it felt cheap and too light. I was actually thinking about getting the Dark Core because the only thing I hate and I mean hate about the M65 is the wire it annoys me to no end when it gets caught on the edge of the keyboard tray an I feel like I have to pull on the wire in order to move the mouse

  11. I've got the older Glaive RGB. Been using it for probably about 2 years now, I love it, but it's starting to show its age. Might have to upgrade!

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