Dota 2 – Main Menu Flute Theme

The music belongs to Valve! I did not create the music, only the visuals.

I decided it was high time I uploaded something here again!

Spent about 2 hours making and rendering this, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it.

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37 thoughts on “Dota 2 – Main Menu Flute Theme

  1. Idk why but I saw Meepo running towards you and stops and then dances while laughing in an irritating manner, then WTF comes out with Meepo being the T, strange

  2. Damn. I remember i bought fucking Dota 2 Beta key in 2013 and downloaded freaking 3 days. And hears that theme for the first time.

  3. Why did they not keep this theme for us? :(( I miss it so much, my first time played dota 2 of me and this song went into my heart

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