Dota 2 – Main Theme / Game Startup 1 [Piano Cover + Sheets]

Artist: Tim Larkin and Jason Hayes
Album: Dota 2 Soundtrack
Track: Main Theme / Game Startup 1 (

Piano Sheets:
Original Orchestral Score:

Download MP3:
Download MIDI:
Piano: Roland FP7-F BK

Another, more accurate Sheet Music by DuskPiano can be found here:

My Dotabuff (due to popular request):


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24 thoughts on “Dota 2 – Main Theme / Game Startup 1 [Piano Cover + Sheets]

  1. those who think piano players are good at invoker

    are thise that thing invoker is all about memorizing 10 stupid ez spells and casting them fast?

    and noy about great timing and all resourse managment and casting at and to the right poinst?

    these idiots are all TRASHES and must be repOrted

    any one who thinks voker is all about fast fingering and memorizing spells (lOl) must remove voker from their hero pools or never play it 😀

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