Game of Thrones – Season 8 Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Game of Thrones Season 8.


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22 thoughts on “Game of Thrones – Season 8 Review

  1. Sacrificing Bran to steal his face to kill the Night King would've been infinitely better – and would've made such good sense in the grand scheme of the show.

  2. I liked season 8 for what it was, I liked what there were doing. I don't think they ruined the show or the ending, it wasn't a flop to me. But it was rushed. Jeremy Jahns put it perfectly, this would of been perfect as a 10 season show to flush out more of what was going on in season 8. Have Danny rule for a while, watch her downfall as they intended it be. She definitely would of but heads with Sansa, queen in the north. Sansa definitely wouldn't of bent the knee. I remember saying in the beginning of the finale, there is enough here for a whole other season at least, maybe 2 lol I enjoyed it for what it was and didn't flop for me, there was just some wasted potential there which is alittle saddening. Mostly everything made sense to me, even Danny going all genocidle and John snow killing her. It was just on the rushed side and there could of been alot more epic story to tell. Danny is perfectly described by, you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villian. They just rushed the whole becoming the villian part and would of been perfect for future episodes/seasons.

  3. Nice choice of words, you even don't swear that lot. Since beginning of season 7 I was like "wtf was that??" constantly. Season 6 had that ultimate badass ending, and then they've flashed it all down the toilet at once.

  4. It's taken George RR Martin 25 years to write the story (still writing) and it took 90 minutes for Dan/Dave to destroy it.

  5. Even tho this season was pretty trash and the seventh as well, I love this show more the breaking bad tbh. Breaking Bad ended great but I think got was better highs

  6. Hey Chris, I just finished the show this morning and am now watching reviews of the show online. I wanted to point out the cause that you believed didn't exist (you may have just missed it), but earlier in the episode "The Bells" There is a scene where Tyrion is informing Daenarys of the bells and ho w they mean the city has surrendered. She followed up saying something along the lines of, "Cersei thinks mercy is our weakness, so I'm going to prove to here that mercy is our strength." I believe this would be the cause for her to make the decision to burn all of Kings landing to ashes. On top of that, Messandai had just been executed and Daenarys didn't want to show any mercy for the Crown.

  7. Here's how I wouldd have done it(personal opinion): After Daenerys gives her speech to her armies, she could have walked away with a hint of guilt, but then she'd shrug it off (This would show that she knew what she did was wrong, but there was no going back). Tyrion tells her in private that he is renouncing his post as her hand. In response she tries to sway him in staying and how she needshim to stay(which could let the audience know she still cares for him as she doesn't want to lose anymore of her friends). He leaves the room, but is followed by several Unsullied who imprison him.
    We then have a scene of her and Drogon, who gives a look of confusion and dissapointment as it would show that he realizes that something is wrong with his mother. She tries talking to him but he just looks at her. She then decideds to simply leave and enter the throne room, where she walks over to the Iron throne and starts reflecting on her journey through out the series. She then starts to cry over how she became the very thing she hates, but thinks that this was an isolated incident and calms herself down by remembering all the ggod that she did.
    Not long after, we see Greyworm and the Unsullied executing Lanister prisoners. John learns of this and rushes to the remains of the Red Keep, guarded by Drogon, the Unsullied, and the Dothraki. The Unsullied and Dothraki threaten John and warn him that no one is to enter, even John. Then Drogon looks at John and roars at the Unsullied and Dothraki, lettinging John pass. Daenerys is seen sitting on the Iron Throne smiling at John as he enters. The two then talk about what she has done to Kings Landing and speech she gave earlier. Deanerys starts trying to justify what she has done and John immediately cuts her off and explains how what she did was evil, cruel, and how she is no longer the savior everone thought she'd be. She could hve acknowledged that she had done something evil, but says that she still has to try and fix the world, saying thst that the next time would be different.(there conversation could also cover more grey areas of how the two percieved the burning of Kings Landing and show their own personal views.
    John then talks to Tyrion, because he doesn't know what to do. John says this to Tyrion because he knows that she has done some good things and he still loves her, she murdered thousands of people and Westeros would never be truly safe under her rule…meaning the only way to protect everyone, would be to kill her. Aria finds John and Tyrion and both try to push John to do the right thing. When Aria says she'll kill Daenerys, John refuses to let that happen and decides to do it himslef.
    When he approaches her, she apologizes to John for the needless deaths and vows to never allow that to happen again, but he then stabs her through the heart, killing her instantly. Drogon comes in, sees John killed his mother and tries to burn him…but the fires don't burn John at all. When everyone else learns of what happened, they quickly realize that John Snow was a Targarian and the rightful King. (This would provide controversy and conflict amonst the houses and the remainder of Daenerys' forces. They can't kill John immediatly as the rest of the houses would go to war with them for killing the last rightful king. Reluctantly, John is handed the crown, King's Landing gets rebuilt, Drogon regains some level of trust with John, then near the end we learn that the Dothraki and Unsullied becames split with some leaving Westeros and some staying to serve the throne(the reason being they would do this is because perhaps they don't want Daenerys' dreams of a united Westeros under a new Targerian dynasty to all collapse for nothing, while others refuse to follow John).
    Immediatly after King's Landing is built, John announces that he will no longer be King and has Drogon destroy the throne, each of the seven kingdom's leaders would instead rule Westeros side by side.
    (Note: this is just an idea and one of many ways the story could have been made differently. How would you think the story should have ended? Im curious.)

  8. Well Chris, you liked Last Jedi. So I guess I can understand why you had no problem with The Long Night. Personally I think it was the dumbest damned thing I ever witnessed. Dumbest battle plan ever from supposedly the most experienced generals and warriors. D&D went full Rian Johnson. Arya basically had become Rey by the end of the series.

  9. You can't always be on the side of creators if the creators are pushing a political agenda, for example, forced diversity and social justice issues when these do NOT belong. This is NOT the case with GoT, but it is the case with The Witcher Neflix version.

  10. "Dany forgot the Iron Fleet"
    They were talking about it earlier in the episode. Does she have dementia?
    And it may just be me but I'm not convinced that Sandor can talk Arya out of killing Cersei. The whole 'there's no going back' speech feels fake because Arya already eradicated House Frey and one dead body isn't going to faze her especially since Cersei's on the upper half of her list.
    They should have had Jon fight the Night King in an epic battle and win by the last minute with Bran warging into a raven or something to give Jon a dragon glass weapon and stab the NK. Dany will time to descend into madness if they showed almost everyone in Westeros wanted Jon to sit on the throne because of being a Targaryen despite his refusal. Arya will kill Dany when she was about to kill Jon out of jealousy for being more loved than her. Jon will then take the throne and be honorable like his Uncle Ned then chooses Davos as his Hand, Bran as his Master of Whispers, etc. There, done.

  11. I like how they hype up dani to be the best queen because she loves the people and is mercifull and in a span of 6 poorly written episodes they make her hitler and the worst person in the whole of got by killing like a million innocent people including babies and little kids

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