Gelli Printing In Amsterdam… bonus European paints review

I’m in my dear friend Tessa’s incredible art studio, using her supplies and Gelli printing. Many of you who are members of my Studio School and are on Patreon, ask me about substitute paints suggestions for the ones I use in the States that you all can’t easily find in your countries. So here’s your video with some suggestions, on which ones I liked and how suited they are for Gelli printing.

Also we are planning an Art Retreat at Tessa’s Studio so for those who live near to Amsterdam and or can travel, let me know in the comments and I’ll add you to our announcement list! 🙂

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Product links are below and here’s my 10% off code… Mcclendon10… to enter at checkout.

Links for the products I used…

Metallic Acrylic Artist Paint Set – 36 Colors, 22 ml/0.74 oz

Acrylic Premium Artist Paints Set – 14 Colors (14 x 120 ml / 4.06 US fl oz)

Acrylic Premium Artist Paint Set – 60 Colors, 22 ml/0.74 oz

General Product links…

My Fav Paper for Gelli Printing and using in my collage work!

DAISO Japanese Calligraphy Paper 100 Sheets (Japan Import)

Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate 12X14 Inches

Sumi Calligraphy Liquid Ink in a 180ml Bottle Made in Japan

Fineline Applicators Convertible II App & Btl Applicator 18g &Btl, 1.25 oz

Here’s a nice combo pack, a great value, with paper brushes and ink!
Japanese SHODO Sumi Calligraphy Rice paper100sheets, Drawing Brush×3, black Ink set

Paper: Southworth 100% Cotton Résumé Paper, 8.5” x 11″, 32 lb, Wove Finish, White, 100 Sheets (RD18CF)

Double-Sided Adhesive Sticky Tape, QingLong(Green Dragon) Premium Permanent Double Sided Tape For Photos/ Documents/ Wallpaper And Many Other Craft Projects (3/4 inch x 27 yards) (18mm x 25m) (1 Roll) by QingLong

Paints I enjoy using:

I’m supplying the Amazon links as a point of reference to make purchasing easier, most of the paints often times can be found locally but not in all colors so source what you can near you and otherwise here are the links 🙂

Golden Paints:
Indian Yellow Hue
Quinacridone Nickle Ozo Gold

Folk Art Flash Paints:
Black Flash
Teal Flash
Red Flash
Pink Flash
Here’s the link for all of the colors but you can purchase them individually…I have them all…lol there’s not a bad one in the bunch!

DIY Shop: Michaels carries this brand however I use the
Folk Art as well


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23 thoughts on “Gelli Printing In Amsterdam… bonus European paints review

  1. Very cool “crusty bits” prints, Robyn. That embossed paper you played with surely made some cool marks. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love love love watching all the videos you post so generously ; )) Thanks sooo much…… What markmaking tools are you using in this video and do you store your gelli plate in a container when not using it or do you leave it laying open on your worksurface? LoL angelika from Cologne

  3. I could watch you gelli print all day, Robyn 😍. Thank you so much for showing us paint options available in Europe. My gelli prints haven't been all that successful with the paints I have tried to date. I am so excited that the "I love art" paints are available here in Austria, can't wait to try them!

  4. Love all the prints. May I ask what the graphite you made the black circles with is, was it a paint?
    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful trip.

  5. Fab video again. Very useful information on the acrylics. Wish I was with you in France!! Maybe next year. Love the zine. Well done with the unfamiliar materials and conditions. Was hoping to hear about the sennelier acrylics. I have a couple of their watercolours from my old college days. They are luscious. Very smooth and highly pigmented. Have a blast for the rest of your trip and thanks for taking us along for the ride. 😂🙏❤️🍀Brenda x x

  6. Thank you for the heads up on I Love Art acrylics! We can get it online from a company called GreatArt here in Britain, and it's very inexpensive, so perfect for gelli printing! 😊 And I can get Ara online from my favourite online supplier, Jackson's! You are so great in sharing your experiences, particularly on which brands to buy! It saves wasting a lot of money buying and trying!

  7. Very helpful video. Thanks!
    Your paint labels were off camera. Could you make a list of those I Love Art paints, especially the orange one that you compared to quinacrodone azo gold.

  8. Hi. I really enjoyed the video. I live in Spain and golden products are not readily available here. So it was wonderful to see you using some of the things that are easy to get here. Plus , I can hopefully purchase the orange paint via the Internet. Enjoy you trip. Look forward to seeing paints available in France. Ever thought of coming to Spain?

  9. I love your book, Robyn! Is there a tutorial for a slower learner 🙂 to figure out how you folded it? Also, as always, I yearn for certain paints after I see what you have done with them. I sure wish we could get the I Love Art paints here! Thanks so much. Enjoy your travels!

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