Harley-Davidson LiveWire Sneak Peak before Launch│Updated Stats & Info

The First Electric Motorcycle from a major manufacturer, Harley-Davidson LiveWire. Laidlaw’s Harley-Davidson got the bike for a couple days before it’s upcoming launch in August. Get all the latest details on this high-performance electric motorcycle. Matt Laidlaw and Nick Culver of Laidlaw’s H-D get some detailed shots of the bike.

Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle:

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36 thoughts on “Harley-Davidson LiveWire Sneak Peak before Launch│Updated Stats & Info

  1. The grid can’t handle air conditioning in a heat wave, what happens when 5 million cars are plugged in lol what a joke

  2. Its October 6th and this bike still isn't out yet. Was due out in August. I pity anyone who put money down on it. This bike isn't going to save Harley. Lowering prices will though. If I was Matt Levatich I would have flood the market with this bike and priced it under 10000. This is a rich man's bike, not a smart move.

  3. And it’s 30000 oh that’ll bring the new riders through the doors lol ! There’s plenty of cheaper priced bikes at the Honda store! Should have kept the vrod

  4. Oh yeah, "high end" Japanese Showa rear shock that comes standard on every single Honda crotch rocket is totally worth like 10,000 bucks alone.

  5. So Laidlaw! How many livewires have you sold? Let me guess not very much at 30 thousand a pop. I can't believe you're still justifying the cost of this overpriced bike.

  6. In 1920 aviation technology was just getting started, tickets were only for upper class and only small amount of population could afford to fly. Thirty years later military aircraft were going supersonic and people were traveling the world at 35000 feet…. technology progresses and becomes more efficient. I will bet that in 15 years it will be on par with any other bike on range, price and any other aspect. Have to start somewhere. GO HD for making one !

  7. I'm shocked Harley was the first to mass produce an electric motorcycle. And it looks like a high quality one. I would've expected Honda to be the first.

  8. Matt, the Motor Company can really benefit from your leadership skills!

  9. This looks good but my main issue is that level 3 chargers aren't all that prevalent so you either get lucky and find a level 3 or more Likley you are stuck just charging it in a wall since level 2 doesn't charge any faster anyway. Seems like a really weird choice especially considering there are bikes that have both already out.

  10. nope. 90 miles, mixed use, per charge. Then 10 hours to charge.
    Then on top of that, to charge electric vehicles, somewhere a power plant is burning something to generate power. Electric vehicles don't run on magic pixie dust.

  11. HD lost the head with the out the door pricing. Who is going to buy this??? which age group? It feels like HD is trying to force the company to go under. And then, a Japanese company will buy them and a month later they will come up with a new HD line that will cost less than half of average bike they have now. No value for the money….period. I paid 10K less for 18 BMW K1600 GA fully loaded…..PLEASE !!!!

  12. Those passenger seats on motorcycles are insane. Imagine if cars came with a 1 foot x half foot leather patch on the OUTSIDE of cars for passengers to sit on. If motorcycles were invented today, the road safety people would just laugh and ban them.

  13. So Harley Davidson wants to reinvent themselves and become modern… Moving production out of USA was a weird move and maybe this is even weirder. Harley Davidson is all about the rattling, the noise, the pushrods and the ancient technology. When you remove all those, what you got left is just another motorcycle.

  14. We can watch in real time the failure of this bike😂. The bike is sharp but no harley guy is going to spend that much money on something like this. Those with the money to buy will not trade in or pass up on their opportunity for a street glide etc for this. The rocket crowed can buy 2!bikes for that cost as well. Make it gas and try to take sales away from Japan

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