HOLY SH*T IT’S SQUALL – Calendar, Banner, and Ability Card Review. (Aug 2019)

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16 thoughts on “HOLY SH*T IT’S SQUALL – Calendar, Banner, and Ability Card Review. (Aug 2019)

  1. Hard thing to say, great time for ff8 collab, my ex-girlfrend, around month like we
    parted, she really like this game , and I can't unsee or forget some interesting time about cosplay Squall-as a girl… -_-

  2. pull LOTS of Boosted Greater Summon in hoping to get Ultimate job Squall with lionheart.. thousands of magicite and lots of summon tickets spent and nothing LOLOLOL.. started to hating this banner..

  3. Glad to see your review as always mate! I'll be waiting for those nasty +100% EE Guardian Force cards.

    Pulled Godo from my free supreme ticket. After getting Ex Sarah, I can't imagine a better outcome outside of Gilgamesh haha. Pretty cool.

    Keep it up, Robbie!

  4. This month is starting to be a good month for mobius ff. FFVIII collaboration is great. Did my free supreme pull for the hero and what comes out? Ultimate Hero Squall on the 1st of this month. Way beyond awesome.

  5. Damn! Global is catching up so fast 😮 glad to see that, since in pretty much every gacha i played Global is like 1. to 1.5 years behind in content to JP

  6. DAY 1 free summon i got ultimate Hero SquallxD this Start of the month is really goodxD best luck to U Guys
    5 min Later i did yolo pull for Support supreme for FF1 WoL and got Gilgamesch ult Hero

  7. all resources to GF limited cards… and squall banner… btw in the mobius ff news section, they got mentioned squall (ultimate hero) gift and summon banner differences and their stats…

  8. Hey My Friend Robbie, the difference between the squalls is the squall you pull have the leonheart and deal area damage in the last hit. Keep doing this great job.

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