How to AUTOMATICALLY Fill PDF Forms Using Microsoft Excel in 1 CLICK

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36 thoughts on “How to AUTOMATICALLY Fill PDF Forms Using Microsoft Excel in 1 CLICK

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  2. Thanks for the content shared;. As I was implementing my own version of this application I noticed that some Adobe pop-ups get in the way of the code executing correctly; can the code in the module remove pop up be shared? Thanks a lot.

  3. Many thanks for the great video sir 👍, i got one qoustion, how to apply the process for a specific customer i want from the list, (one only) 💙 , i hope you respond as soon as possible that would be awesome, thanks again…

  4. very well explained, Awesome Video for the beginner. this is my first time coding on VBA but it went well with your help. i was able to create a different set of variables which works well on my new project. Thank you so much.

  5. How do I set Excel to automatically set the Printing to PDF…When I run the program it reverts back to printing on my printer 🙁

  6. hi Mate,
    I followed your tutorial and did exactly what you have shown but the problem is in latest version of Adobe acrobat DC when you go to print you dont get ALT+N option to select the field and paste the file name and if I try to use CTRL+SHIFT+S then I get option to use ALT+N but then file name is not getting copied. I am stuck can you help ??

  7. This is an out-FREAKING-standing video. The uses for this particular worksheet boggle the mind and can lead to the automation of SO MANY mundane tasks for an office!

    While watching the tutorial, it appears that the pdf writer (CutePDFWriter) is already selected as the system default printer … what about those instances where you would want the worksheet to select the printer and then reset it back to the normal default? Could the VBA handle this in the same manner of configuring SendKeys? How would one designate the printer?

  8. Why isn't "OpenURL “” & PDFTemplate & “”, Show_Maximized"  Working?  I've seen your reply to others with this question and I would like to use my workbook.   What is causing this error?  Why does it come up?

  9. Great video.
    Why pdfsavefolder do not run by pressing CTRL +SHIFT +S
    I want to save file by ctrl shift s, box appear but name do not change seems as PDFFolder command do not run on CTRL +SHIFT +S but it run fine on CTRL + P

  10. Excellent video. I'm curious as to how you would approach this with multiple different forms but similar information.

  11. Very promising for what I want to do. Unfortunately, I am hitting an error right off the bat:

    .Filters.Add "PDF Type Files", "*.pdf", 1
    Run-time error '438':
    Object doesn't support this property or method

    Not sure why it doesn't work.

  12. Great video. Randy, I actually need this functionality. Do you do freelancing? If so, please find me on LinkedIn to discuss. Thanks.

  13. Thank you for your very helpful video! 
    You can use an image field in a pdf form as well. Is there any way to have the macro fill in that as well? (With a picture of the patient for instance.)

  14. Really excellent tutorial, for some reason when it comes to the save step it doesn't open on the screen but sits in the task bar
    Any ideas?

  15. Hi Thanks for this Tuto which seems to respond to my search on how to automate Filling PDF Form with VBA, I tried it but can't use OpenURL, maybe I need to reference a library I coudn't find ?

  16. It's awesome Randy we inspired with your innovations
    But how to Assign these for invoice
    In invoice single customer had multiple product or rows will be their in database then how to utilize it same for invoice

  17. Congratulations for the video. very helpful. I am trying to adapt it to my need and I have a question:
    What if I want to export the date from excel to the pdf form? I tried but the date is converted to something else.

  18. Big thanks fort this 🙂 I have some question, I tried to use this to send large text/long string from Excel cell to the fallible PDF form and that dosen´t work at all. If I shorter the text then this work but i need to sen large text in one cell. How can I do that?

  19. I was praying "please don't use sendkeys. Please don't use sendkeys!" And long behold, you use sendkeys. Dammit. Guess there's no way around it

  20. I have completed a project using this excel Macro. however I am in a snag. I am able to complete all data entry but to save the print PDF my print window is a different that your instruction.. Is there a work around for this problem as I cannot use shortcuts to select CutePdf.

  21. I keep on getting the OpenURL as an error, I am trying this on windows, don’t know if this has anything to do. Line 42:

    OpenURL “” & PDFTemplate & “”, Show_Maximized.

  22. What if your PDF form has checkboxes that need to be ticked based on whether a binary 0 or 1 value was in a particular column?

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