22 thoughts on “How to Create a Norton Ghost Image of Your Hardrive

  1. if i backup a 10gb hdd to image what would be the size of image file is it also a 10gb???? something like if i were going to backup a file of 1gb i need 1-2gb of storage ????

  2. This does not image the master boot record…so if MBR was damaged or deleted then partition isn't very useful unless you know how to rebuild the MBR…so I'm assuming this is just meant as backup and not imaging just cloning!!!

  3. Second shaking cursor is annoying….btw is there any option trim free space? I have new SSD that is smaller, I cannot make 1:1 copy, but "fit" to new partition.

  4. good video, but you need to tell the folks that if your hard drive fails, BOTH of your partitions are useless. it's always a good idea to restore the image to a SEPARATE hard drive and actually boot to it to verify it is working properly. once that is done, you truly have a backup that is ready to go. I even recommend using the ghost/clone hard drive immediately.

  5. and something else that I want to add….the use of an image is not just to restore right,you could use it with brand new computers that need to have the same image as the old computers in a business for example….

  6. Hello Miguel I have a long question….Let me see if I understand something and anybody can comment…..You make an image of the whole OS including the OS+applications that you normally use right…? ok that image that you create which must be pretty big, you use a program to create that image in this case Ghost and then you save that image in a big external drive probably more than 100 Gb..? so why the need to create a partition in the same physical drive…?

  7. hey , i have hiren bootloader in which i tried 2 use norton ghost but it gives an error saying there is not enough ram to create partition .though i m having 6gb ram can u help me through it plss ??

  8. The problem is that this version of Ghost – however good it was in its time – does not knows AHCI, only IDE. So for SATA disks is usable with restrictions – if you want to use it, you must set SATA as IDE and install Windows this way – with worse performance than using it as AHCI. Besides, it can only handle 2 GB pieces of files, so saves the backup in 2 GB pieces (it runs under DOS)
    Norton Ghost 2003 knows AHCI and handles bigger files, and does not uses DOS any more.
    Other suggested version that run from boot disk (do not need installing under Windows) are Ghost 10.0 and Ghost 15.
    The ones between them are step backs compared to these ones.

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