How to Extract Data From Unlimited PDF Forms To An Excel Table IN ONE CLICK

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In this video I show you how you can easily convert PDF Form data from multiple PDF’s into a single, formatted Excel Table in just one click.
I walk you through step by step using just two simple macros, so you can now get ALL of your PDF data into one single table in just seconds.
From PDF To Excel in just seconds and with just ONE CLICK. You can’t beat that.
I also show you how to automatically create a link to the original PDF file so you never have to search for the original document again.

Applications used in making this video:
🎬 Camtasia Screen Recorder:
📸 Snagit Screen Capture:

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36 thoughts on “How to Extract Data From Unlimited PDF Forms To An Excel Table IN ONE CLICK

  1. 🆕Learn my secret system for creating & selling Excel applications in my Mentorship program right here:
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  2. Hi sir, just wanted to know if we can run similar macro using adobe acrobat pro or standard instead of foxit reader??

  3. Works perfectly except for one snag. Is there code we can add to skip empty fields without having shift everything over by 1 column for every blank field?

  4. Hi! This is just amazing!
    I am working with some paper forms that are filled by hand (mostly checklist and a few comments in the instructions section). I was thinking about scanning all those forms and extract its information to a database like the one you have described in this video. Can you give me a recommendation? Thank you very much!

  5. Hi Randy,
    I tried doing this but I cannot find the data when I export the PDF to Data Source. I can only see the file names in .pdf format when I open the excel. There are no other sheets with the PDF Data.
    Does Foxit read PDFs only for the premium version? Please suggest what can be done?

  6. Hi, Randy.
    Do you have any other videos that may assist me with adding additional code to append new form data to this spreadsheet? The forms I am dealing with will be rolling in at random times. I would like to simply export the form data as they come and have a long list that grows.
    Thank you in advance!

  7. In the body , line 2 , can we change the type of pdf , instead of using foxit, we use nitropro for example , if we can how to do ?

  8. Hi I haven't finished the video but I will. Thanks for sharing I hope I understand you right.

    My question which you can help me is that I have different forms in one folder for one business transaction or each customer. Can I extract data from these forms one time or should I follow you extracting data with similar type of form?

  9. I don't find any PDF format files on my pc when i try to browse. kindly help me .
    foxit reader 9.5 & adobe reader 9 available on my pc .

  10. Great video!! Really helpful. In the video you are using pdf forms. However, in my daily practice the sales invoices are pdf files (with text). They have a general lay-out. How can I retrieve certain fields?

  11. When I go to export data from multiple files, it doesn't default to the PDFFolder I designated as you mention at 19:00. I have the Excel workbook from your 100 Excel Files Zip, and it includes a line of code to reference the defaulted PDFFolder, but it isn't working. It types my PDFFolder in the "file name" search bar.

    How do I get the code to open the correct folder? Thank you!

  12. Hi sir!
    in this Video – 32:39 – you´re talking about "mapping" and mentioned that you´ve done that in other videos, can you please provide links to those videos?

    Thanks in advance
    Peter, from Sweden

  13. Would we be able to add on additional forms as they are submitted onto an existing Excel file? For example, if we wanted to do this to keep a log of applications submitted.

  14. Hello, good morning a few days ago I found your channel which I've found more than useful. Though I have a question my Excel knowledge is basic or even less than that; regardless of it I consider myself a bit of tech savvy. Your instructions seem clear to me though along the video I thought you were going to show how you make those macro buttons and the workbook to edit them. I would certainly appreciate very much if you can tell me or guide me to one of your videos on how to do this. I realize even though I understand almost everything you said you actually didn't explain how to create those macros and how to edit them. Please help! A newbie in distress here.

  15. I tried, it did not work, it only export the pdf's file name in columns, 2,2, 2,3, the whole rest is empty
    I tried manually from the software, same result, it seems that Foxit doesn't read my pdfs

  16. Thanks sir…. I downloaded Foxit reader … Now may I covert PDF or Image files directly to Excel or there is some specific sheet which you are telling to download from your site?????

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