How to get Adobe Photoshop for FREE (Legally)

If you want to get Adobe Photoshop for Free, Adobe gives you a couple of options. If you’ve seen other options online that give you a link to CS6, that is not the legal way to get Photoshop.

Here is the link to the latest Adobe Photoshop trial

This video will show you two techniques. One is the free trial to the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and a second is a lifetime download of Adobe Photoshop CS2, which Adobe has made available for free.

NOTE: Many current operating systems don’t support Photoshop CS2. The free trial is your best option if you are running a new operating system on Mac or PC.

If you go a different route and download CS6 from an unauthorized source, you run the risk of being caught for illegal software download. Adobe takes this seriously.


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21 thoughts on “How to get Adobe Photoshop for FREE (Legally)

  1. I may go to affinity soft ware eventually; it's option that you buy not lease.I bought the whole adobe package when I was a graphic student years ago and before I could understand half of the programs they changed them- sound familiar?- then eventually everything I bought wouldn't work with windows updates. I found a CS2 else where and have used if ever since.I don't care to have to learn new ways to do the same thing when I only need the basic program. And I refuse to pay a monthly fee and be held hostage to a product.

  2. it's kinda same with Netlfix I think.
    how to get Photoshop for free.
    buy it on January 29th so you could get your free trial which is supposed to end on February 29th but the thing is that February 29th comes only around for 4 years. And boom you got yourself Photoshop for 4 years free

  3. I use to have photo shop in my macbook, it was there since the first time i bought it so it was free to use. And somehow it got uninstalled completely no reason.

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