25 thoughts on “How to Remove Cloudnet Virus Completely (SOLVED!)

  1. Just kill it from process…..then go to c://user/xyz/appdata/roaming/epicnetinc/cloudnet.exe rename it….and delete the file

    U have done it 😜☺💙


  2. csrss.exe is a virus in my system. How can i remove it? My security apps and administration are compromised. Antivirus is not opening.

  3. If you hold key + x just go through all the system 32 dlls and go open file location press delete and it should say no because its open so end task and then try again fast before it reopens and try it for all the bad ones

  4. The solution in the video really helped me solve my issue. I had been searching on the internet for several days, but this was the video that really helped me.

  5. Go into control panel
    Then go in programs and features
    Then select cloudnet
    Uninstall it
    A pop up will appear
    Then enter 28530
    Then press enter

  6. Thanks for uploading this Video, its awesome , thanks din sa nagbigay ng Key to unisntall the cloudnet, after this session u must remove the apps permanently , Punta po kau apps and feature press CLOUDnet ,then uninstall tas mag pop up po yung black screen dial dw po ang 28530, It works. God bless puuu

  7. You haven't uninstall….
    you just disabled the virus….
    But the virus is still in the PC…
    So this is a temporary solution and not a permanent one… 👎

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