33 thoughts on “How to Round to a specific number in Excel

  1. Hello! I have this problem: I used function Average(C3:F3), the result is 5,33; in other cell i have 5,66. I want to use function countif to count how many of 5 and 6 are.I formated cells to remove decimals; excel show numbers without decimals, but in background they are still there and formula countif dont count them.What can i do? Thank you!

  2. aap sabhi logo ka bahut bahut thanky ..jo aap logo ne video uplod kiye aur sabhi logo ko ghar baithe exce ki jankari di …..aage bhi aap log aise hi video banaye aur ham logo ki padhai me help kijeye

  3. Awesome video really helpful. How would I round all of my prices up to the nearest 9. Example My price is 23.43 and I need it to round up to 23.49 and I need to do this for the entire price list. Thank you!

  4. Sir Brian.. Hi I'd like to ask you how will i convert hours in to amount like for example 10:38am up to 11:38am its 1 hour and it 15.00 pesos how will i do that in excel? thanks

  5. Hi , great video there! However how do I round down if its <0.50 and round up if its>0.50? Say i wanna round down if its 200.25 (to 200.00) and round up if its 200.60 (to 201.00), how can i do that ? Please help thanks !

  6. Hello. Yes we are talking about reordering on an inventory level. Say they sold 32 on hand have 6 it is an easy formula to subtract to get the total to reorder however what happens when you have to order by a case pack of say 24

  7. If I am using excel to help do reordering for retail products.  If I need to reoder 18 pcs for example, but I have to order in quantities of 24 what is the forumula    Thanks

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