Introducing Project 4. The next level of lightweight gaming mice.


Xtrfy is on a mission to create the next level of lightweight gaming mice. Why? While a lot of gamers are going ultra-light, we see a standard that doesn’t match our image of the perfect mouse. It’s time to change that.

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23 thoughts on “Introducing Project 4. The next level of lightweight gaming mice.

  1. I see the left button is closed to the side while the righ button is open to the side. This design looks perfect to me besides that, since both sides should be closed for a better grip. The right button being open to the side makes it very prone to accidental right clicks by the ring finger or the ring finger getting in the way of the button movement, preventing it to work correctly. It was a very well know issue of the original MSIE3.0, the first design like this. I really don't understand why designers keep doing a mistake like this.

  2. Guys is it worth preordering this mouse I play palm so I feel this might be bette than a Model O
    I recently received my model O- and it is way too small for me so I'm selling it

  3. "The first ultra-light gaming mouse with a right-handed, ergonomic shape."
    The G Wolves Skoll in my right hand says otherwise.

  4. I wonder if some companies will release that kind of shape for small hands (same proportions but 115mm long).

    Everything there seems spot on but the scale is not for me.
    I guess MM710 should fit my needs if I want to palm grip.

  5. I hope to see some reviews on this line of mice soon so people can see what they are getting. It would definitely help before it officially goes on sale. Suggestions on reviewers- RJN, Badseed Tech, Brandon Taylor, Hardwarecanucks. Beardedbob.

  6. A shame there are no comfort grooves on the mouse 1 & 2. Glad it's same size as the EC2 anyway so pre ordered this instead of the G-wolves Skoll.

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