iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – The Good and The Bad – (4K60P)

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are some great new iPhones. In this video I review the iPhone 11 Pro Max after using it for the past couple of week. I go over the cameras, speed with the A13 Bionic, Reception, speakers, unboxing and more to help you decide if you should buy the iPhone 11
Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. #iphone11promax #iphone11pro #apple #ios13
***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:20 – iPhone 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max
00:40 – Display
01:12 – PWM
01:50 – Design and Build
02:42 – Battery life
03:10 – Performance
03:27 – Signal and Reception
03:54 – Cameras
05:37 – Photo samples
06:20 – Video samples
06:47 – Night mode
09:06 – Night mode samples
09:46 – Speakers
10:12 – 3D Touch and Haptic Touch
10:45 – Price
11:18 – 2020 iPhones
11:51 – Conclusion
12:36 – Outro
12:56 – End
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21 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – The Good and The Bad – (4K60P)

  1. I had my iPhone 11 pro a month and didn’t know that night mode could do 30 seconds! Just been sat in the dark testing it out 😀

    I missed 3d touch for the first week but the improvement in battery life was well worth the trade.

  2. Aaron the footage was great and I liked the photos that you shot. Very informative!
    I hope to do the same thing if and when I purchase the iPhone 11 pro Max next month. Some great cityscapes I can take, with or without a tripod.

  3. Thank you for this video. This was truly a huge help for me. So I’m an Apple rep for t-mobile, and a very avid apple user. I have the XS Max and have played with the pro max a lot but it was very helpful to hear another persons opinion as well as real life review. Thank you.

  4. Great vlog buddy. I’ve been an android user since falling out of love with Apple after the iPhone 5. I currently own an s10+ which is a wonderful phone. However for the first time in many years I’m interested in the latest iPhone especially the pro max. I love the phone I have but I’m tempted with this phone. Do I go for it or wait for next year 🤔

  5. Zollotech So this has an increased refresh rate over the iPhone X? Why are these cameras only 12mp? Also is deep fusion available for use yet?

  6. For the past week I’ve been experiencing major reception issues. I went to Verizon thinking it was an issue with them, but it’s continued. I’ve reset network settings, toggle airplane mode on and off and it still continues any suggestions. I love this phone but I’d rather go back to my X if it’s going to continue.

  7. Nice review! Subscribed since I watch all of your videos anyway. Keep it up. Had my 11 Pro Max for a week. Easy to see the delta from the 10S Max.

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