IU – You & I + Good day (아이유 – 너랑나 + 좋은날) @ SBS Running man 런닝맨 120115

IU’s morning call on ‘Running Man’ has become a hot topic of conversation online.

On the episode of SBS’s ‘Running Man’ that aired on January 15th, IU woke up the other guests on the show by singing to them live, bright and early in the morning.

The ‘Running Man’ cast who had just woken up had expressions of wonder and disbelief as they ran outside of the pension to see IU singing right before their eyes.

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46 thoughts on “IU – You & I + Good day (아이유 – 너랑나 + 좋은날) @ SBS Running man 런닝맨 120115

  1. PD-nim please make a special eps w/ IU again and crazy mission that make RM's member going speechless 😆😆
    -24 December 2019, 11.23 PM
    Christmas night wish

  2. She doesn’t age. I can’t believe she was only 18. I watched this without checking the date, and I legit thought it was within the last year or so. Truely amazing

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