19 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook Jeon So Min (Kookmin) Moments : Tiger meets Tigermoth Episode 383

  1. wow i didnt think they could be a couple until i saw all of these koookmin vids. they look really cute 😍😍😍😍

  2. Hello everyone, need your help again. If we can find when Ugly Duckling ep 127 (youtube title: 'Is kjk really hiding something?') was recorded and compare it to the recording dates/episodes for RM, we may find something interesting. The following is the youtube address:

  3. Hello everyone, any idea when ep 383 was recorded? Both of them looked like they were on good terms in this episode. Ep 382 covered Christmas / kjk's baby-egg storytelling where he lost his temper with jsm. Ep 384 covered the fortune telling session where in the beginning kjk was still fuming over the baby-egg storytelling incident. Hmm l am now confused. Can anybody help?

  4. short video of RM and kookmin at Kwangsoo's movie premiere https://www.instagram.com/p/BwZZcO1HpVc/
    look who's walking together…

  5. some potent kookmin moments I had no idea existed until this video:
    0:42 omg what are those eye glances. kjk is so shy
    3:43 kjk steps closer to jsm. jsm screams internally 😀 those wide eyes
    4:03 jsm perches adorably at kjk's feet

    this undercover drama was going on all along but i just did not knew.

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