Lee Kwang Soo is a Piece Of Trash?! [Running Man Ep 391]

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32 thoughts on “Lee Kwang Soo is a Piece Of Trash?! [Running Man Ep 391]

  1. This is the funniest when Kwangsoo and Sang yeob and Haha are on the same team😂😂♥️ oh dont forget Jaesuk imagine if 4 of them are in the same team 😂😂😂

  2. Sang yeob fits this show sooo well..
    I would like to see him every week
    Running man; leave se chan out.. and take him instead !

  3. Can't believe this was one year ago, i remember i almost broke my ribs from laughing to this and Lee Da HeexKwang Soo

  4. Wow, can't stop 😁laughing on this video Sang Yeob learn fast after many appearance on RM. Even the staff watching in the corner is laughing 😂😂

  5. I hope that it won't end too soon. I want it to last up to 10 years. So that as they old, they'll make fun until then.

  6. I think what made running man so popular and successful was the fact that the cast really got along well w each other thus forming characters really easily. Se Chan I feel doesn’t really get along well w everyone. He gets along w them but that’s all. He’s just there not bothering ppl nor adding to the atmosphere. So min has character but it definitely doesn’t fit well w a variety show. It comes off as annoying and desperate. I don’t think the rm pd’s thought their casting through. If they were to find ppl like sangyeob that’d be great. He’s someone who is his own character and gets along well w everyone without trying hard.

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