1. What are some other shades you use in other brands? I'm tryna color match to save my life. I'm a 420 fenty/ chai in tok faces and thinking malawi and togo.

  2. Goood match ! My face and neck the same way ! I think I’ll have to mix this shade and chad to get my perfect match . Great video ! New subbie 😘

  3. I took a chance and ordered my foundation online, I love the tube… I hate getting “pretty” packaging. I just want my product to be good, and come out easily. Anyway I’ve missed a few of your videos, YouTube been messing with my alerts.

  4. I have yet to find a foundation I loveeee, I alternate between Nars all day luminous and Fenty neither is full enough coverage for me. Imma have to give this a try.
    My neck was darker than my face too and I’ve been using Kojie San soap it helped some

  5. Omg I struggle with the same thing. My neck is like 2-3 shades darker than my face and chest but idek what to do I put my foundation on there but after an hour or so it’s back looking dark.
    This foundation looks flawless though. I can’t wait to cop💜💜💜

  6. Honey whenever I shop at Ulta I make sure I Google their coupons first😁 discounts are ALWAYS welcomed in my book 😁😁😁 The look came good out babe…you always do a good job 😘

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