Light mice are the new trend

Gordon checks out what he thinks will be one of the biggest trends soon with the Cooler Master MM710: ultra-light mice.

Shot on a Canon C100 Mark 2:

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35 thoughts on “Light mice are the new trend

  1. If your using a high dpi then I could see using a heavy mouse but I use 400 dpi and have been gaming with low sens for a long time. so I think a light mouse like this one will be perfect for me.

  2. Looks good, but I hope they remove the logo from the shell and just put more holes. The mouse will be lighter and look better. Glorious Model O nailed it with the branding on the side.

  3. I highly recommend these lightweight mice to anyone who plays FPS games. I didn't know how much I wanted one until I actually got the chance to use an Air58. I'll never go back to standard mice. The lightest wired mouse currently on the market is the Finalmouse Air58 which comes in obviously at 58g. The cord is made of a super light flimsy material that doesn't even feel like its there when you use it (it kind of feels like it is wireless). Glorious has recently come into the lightweight market with their Model O which I believe weighs at 65g. Xtrfy is next in line coming out with Project 4 which will also weigh about 65g. Finalmouse is still going to remain king though with their new release of a 40g mouse that should be dropped sometime very soon. They are an interesting company to say the least and nabbing one may be a real challenge. If anyone wants a wireless lightweight mouse, I don't know of any with holes in them, but the Logitech G Pro Wireless is 80g. It's considered by many the best mouse. As you can see, I really follow this stuff extensively. I have a weird obsession with light weight mice ever since I realized how much they upped my game in FPSs. Get ready because your going to see more and more companies releasing these lightweight mice because they really are fantastic for gaming.

  4. I will pay a 100usd for this shape and small size just dont make it bigger! Need more mouse about 110mm. A small mouse user here.

  5. I don't like my mouse light, I actually prefer weight. Either way, I feel like this 'light mouse craze' is an artificial trend by the hands of the manufacturers. I didn't really hear of it being that much of a thing until there was a wave of youtube 'reviews' or advertisements of them. Seems like a method of getting the consumer to spend the same amount of money or more for less material. No thanks.

  6. My mouse actually feels heavy to me, so this is something I would love to try. Can they make it just as light, and cheap, but wireless??

  7. I need a mouse that is easy to clean my disgusting oily skins discharge from not a mouse with holes in it. guess what this thing will look like after a year of heavy use

  8. Ultra light is cool but it better not mean ultra flimsy. Durability trumps, and I’m sure there will be products that disappoint and take a fresh steaming dump all over this concept. So I like the idea but only if it’s done right.

  9. great to see. gj coolermaster you fixed the mastermouse S! Great effort. And nice to see pcworld recognising the crap that is RGB, extra weights and all the rest of it =)

  10. Even when I use a mouse for hours, I like some weight.
    I've always had mouse with the possibility to add some weight.
    So this is not for me, but Gordon nice work as always! I hope you will interview Steve GN!

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