Main Menu 4 (2 Layers)

Complete Dota 2 soundtrack:

I stopped playing Dota 2 long time ago, so forgive me if I get the titles wrong. Also, I don’t remove tracks that are not in the game anymore, they are still awesome to listen to.

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30 thoughts on “Main Menu 4 (2 Layers)

  1. Every videogame has that one special track that makes your eyes teary just because of nostalgia. In Dota 2, this is that one track.

  2. I like to imagine this song playing on TI with a camera following a person that we have never seen before walking towards the stage, and he says together with gaben "welcome to the inernational" and then leaves without saying any word.

  3. try to smoothen out this audio and then turn ur volume up and you feel like in a nice holy place thingy thing

  4. imagine one guy is running towards to KFC (Slow Motion) before it closes and then It is been destroyed by a Tank. (War Time)

  5. @DilophoMS That's correct, it does sound like that – no surprise, the music was composed by the same person who composed the Alliance music, Jason Hayes.

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