Oculus Rift S Review: You call this an upgrade?

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If it had come out a year ago, the Oculus Rift S would feel more worthwhile, but as is, this device feels like it’s playing catch-up. The Rift S adds cameras for inside-out tracking, and improves display resolution, but comes with a number of drawbacks. The screens are now LCD instead of OLED, and the refresh rate has dropped, and the device still requires multiple cables. This plus a number of other trade-offs make the Rift S hard to recommend, especially when you consider the new high-performance headsets from HTC, Valve, HP, and Samsung.
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43 thoughts on “Oculus Rift S Review: You call this an upgrade?

  1. LMAO. You don't know squat if you are saying that the Rift S is not an upgrade from the Rift CV1. I have both, and the Rift S is miles ahead of both the Rift AND the HTC Vive. You don';t know squat. Take a look at your dislike to like ratio. Perhaps yopu need to pull this silly video down and rethink.

  2. Comparing this to a $1000+ headset…dude… I'm not going to totally defend the decisions made on the Rift S but I think you completely forgot that it's $400 compared to the Index's $1000 or even vive's $500 price tag. I guess when hardware is just handed to you to review you forget money matters on these things and I think Oculus is giving consumers a ton of value for the price. It's not top tier but it's not priced up there either.

  3. Honestly, I'd just get the original rift. Frankly, the external sensors, if you have a third one, are just on point. Plus the ones on the rift s can't detect your controllers if you turn them upside down (because your hands and arms are blocking them). And yes the material on the old one sucks for comfort on your face, but you can get some extension thing to make it better. Plus, the graphics are gonna be pretty much the same just with different refresh rates and panels. So in summary, get the original off of amazon or eBay used with an extra third sensor for better tracking.

  4. How is it a bad thing that it doesn’t look unique, who honestly cares? Your gonna be inside the thing most of the time.

  5. I still have my CV1. I dont fucks with internal sensors only. If they add external option than it will be a god tier headset.

  6. rift s is the only vr headset you can use with a laptop in a field and walk around in virtual worlds which probably makes it the best vr experience available if you can find a massive open space

  7. So if I "upgrade" to the Rift s, what happens when one of my hands are behind my back? Must be some amazing front facing cameras to replace my rear sensor. This HMD is a joke. Oculus was king, but going forward I'm worried.

  8. This review reads like it's from someone who is more concerned about how good the product will look on display on a bookshelf, rather than how well the product performs.

  9. Lmao you entitled curry fuck, the rift s is the ultimate VR device right now, it runs well on all current hardware, provides hands down the best value, and offers amazing VR experiences even in this very early stage of VR.

    Of course, your simple mind demands 8k screens and pentagram lenses RIGHT NOW so you can go and live out your 1:1 fantasy of fondling a little kid, but you'll have to keep that spear sheathed for now and just stop whining.

    The rift S is a successful product that helps bring VR ever closer to perfection.

  10. OMG i am looking to buy a VR headset and after 10 videos you practically says the opposite of all other know youtuber…. O.o'

  11. These comments are the most mixed thing i've ever seen, for both oculus and HTC vive people (and if even possible) Windows MR people.

  12. This is not a good example of vr. This is just pathetic. I had to change the way I shot a bow or shot a two handed gun in vr to make this usable… that alone ruins VR, but then the audio is a whole 'nother level of bad compared to the OG rift. This is why, if you are expecting an upgrade from your og rift, you will be returning this shit and saving up for a real vr headset. Sorry oculus, you missed the mark big time.

  13. Where do they get these Techie Enthusiast 's? Maybe Engadget should Join forces with the Verge and do videos on building VR ready PC's.

  14. I have a feeling Oculus is saving their Rift 2 for a couple years down the road. I'm sure they could have produced something near Valve Index quality and specs… but VR is still in it's infancy and $1,000 is way too high of a price to pay for the average consumer. In the end, when Rift 2 finally arrives, I'm willing to bet it'll be packed full of all the amazing prototype technology they've been showing, but for a reasonable price. Being someone who didn't get into the VR ecosystem until January of last year, I can't imagine paying over $400 for a headset. Hell I got an open box used like new Oculus Rift Touch bundle for $180. Facebook is looking at the bigger picture. It's a vision that requires a user base which in comparison to every other form of media is minimal at the moment. You can't have all the latest and greatest tech in a headset, AND expect amazing AAA titles for VR at this point in time. Game development studios don't make games for a handful of lucky "rich people" who don't even want to pay full price for their games.

  15. They got rid of the need for sensors and have made the new standard. They increased the resolution. They increased the comfort. And on release the price is lower than the original Oculus released price.
    I'm failing to see where it's not an upgrade it's awesome but if you already had an existing Oculus and you're a candy ass baby expecting everything for nothing then yeah go ahead and be disappointed

  16. Better screen? Yeah. Better resolution? Yeah. New face tracking? Yeah. Yeah it’s SUPPOSED to be an upgrade. Morons not calling it an upgrade are morons. The problem is it is a SLIGHT upgrade. The only downgrade is the 10 HZ decrease. That was a stupid no brainer design choice. Wtf is wrong with the people that design these things? Do they think downgrades are part of the tech’s charm? 🤦‍♂️

  17. There's more 'Likes' on the comments than on the actual video. At a certain point, thats just mother nature giving you the finger.

  18. in my opinion these VR makers need to forget about making any headphones audio for VR. All that is making the hmds more expensiove for not much difference in what`s truly important- the VISUALS. Concentrate on the visuals and fov. Increase the resolution, increase the fov. Forget the headphones. Just allow a headphone jack to install our own headphones.

  19. People are saying this "isn't an upgrade," but why don't you consider the following;

    1) You only need to use two ports on your computer.

    2) No additional equipment/sensors are required.

    3) You can still play regular Oculus and Steam VR titles, unlike the Quest (aside from the Oculus titles).

    4) Most users have reported that the lower refresh rate does NOT result in a worse experience.

    These aren't the only positive aspects, but they sure are enough to consider the Rift S an upgrade.

  20. So I watched the first minute of this and then I got to 1:08 where you say it has no personality and isn’t sleek and stuff, wtf? The design looks fine (except for the head strap because you can’t fit headphones over it comfortably), but as I kept going on through the video I found a few more reasons why the dislike to like ratio is higher in favour of dislikes.

  21. Is this guy for real?

    OK here's a real review of the Rift S I've been enjoying it for the last couple of weeks:

    – A whole lot better Resolution compared to the Rift
    – Inside out tracking is almost as good as the sensors tracking system (personally i couldn't even notice a difference to be really honest)
    – Easy to setup. like seriously easy, the whole thing takes around 2-5 minutes and if you want to count on the tutorial it's 15 minutes max.
    – it wont fall off your head and putting it on wouldn't be as a hassle to get it right.

    – It still needs firmware updates, minor bugs here and there but nothing major just enough to call it "Annoying".
    – Sound Quality could have been a lot better but it's far from terrible, i think it fits in the "meh" category.
    – Touch controllers are rather slippery, also the magnetic battery slider opens rather easily.
    – "only" 80 Hertz refresh rate, but to be completely honest i couldn't notice a difference between this and the rift but whatever.

    Verdict? For it's price, and being tracking sensors free, Ill go for it again and again and again over the Vive and Windows mix reality headsets.
    See that wasn't hard Engadget, how much did you get paid buddy?

  22. i would get the quest but i's just such a downgradevisual wise,i get vr headsets pretty much for VRChat and on the quest you are limited to specially designed quest worlds(wich are few) and graphical wise it looks like 3 steps back,very blurry.

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