Parasite [Trailer 2] – Now Playing in New York & Los Angeles.

It’s official. Parasite is “the most fun you’ll have in theaters this fall.” – New York Magazine.

#Parasite is Now Playing in New York & Los Angeles. Nationwide This Fall. Get Tickets:


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32 thoughts on “Parasite [Trailer 2] – Now Playing in New York & Los Angeles.

  1. I can't fathom that only English spoken are always given the best picture. There are more quality foreign language movies than what most Hollywood does. That's why I admire the old film festival in Europe because they win regardless of the language.

  2. I'm telling you this is a movie to pay close attention to cause you never know that employee you cussing at is gonna stirke.
    Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️that's why I'm nice to people even if they buttholes!

  3. I'm all for trailers not giving you the whole damn movie, but, 2 trailers in for this movie and I have zero clue what it's about. I just know about it b/c of the hype

  4. Honestly i have no idea whats it about but still gonna watch that and loved that saying " the best plan is no plan at all " 😂🖒

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