Pixel 4 Review: Watch Before You Buy!

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I’ve been using Google’s Pixel 4 phone for almost a month now. I mean, really using it. With my SIM card in it and everything. Taking photos. Making calls. Playing Pokemon Go. Yes, still.

And, you know, this isn’t my first Google phone. I had the Nexus One, the Nexus 4, and the Pixels 1 and 2.

I usually get the XL but since I’ve switched back to the smaller iPhone, I decided to go with the smaller Pixel as well.

Now, up front, I consider Google to be the most important company in the world. I love Apple’s products and their overall philosophy currently best aligns with mine. I think Amazon is transformative in the best and worst ways. Facebook is… a disaster that still brings the world together like nothing else. But, Google, literally, is trying to build the Star Trek computer. The future of humanity. And there is no amount of scrutiny that’s enough, no slack cut that’s not detrimental to what that future will be for all of us. Ethically and technologically.

Apple makes phones. Phones that are increasingly tied to entertainment services, sure. But Google’s phones *are* services. The atoms themselves are spectacularly unimpressive without the algorithms that bring them to life… and harvest unprecedented amounts of personal, private data while doing it. All in service of financing and building that Star Trek computer.

So, if I seem the tough on Google and their products like the Pixel. It’s because I have to be. We all have to be.

So, with all of that understood, here is my Pixel 4 review… one month later.



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48 thoughts on “Pixel 4 Review: Watch Before You Buy!

  1. Look if there's anything that I've learned over the last 2 years is that tech reviewers are feeling increasingly isolated and neglected by Google's design choices….and it pisses them off. They feel this way because (sometimes arrogantly so, and sometimes ignorantly so) they want to think theiir opinion mirrors the purchasing public. Because let's face it, if that wasn't the case, then it theatens their very existence. The problem, however, is these tech reviewers simply do not represent the purchasing public and the drive-by readers/critiques simply pile on and were never true purchasing power consumers to begin with, so their opinions are meaningless. Quoting specs, hardware design, etc mean very little to the average consumer that knows a great experience when they see/feel it. I think Google knows this. Software makes the experience, not hardware folks.

    Bottomline is that I no longer look to tech reviewers for advise or recommendations in my yearly smartphone upgrades.

    My personal experience with the Pixel 4 XL's battery is better than the Pixel 3 XL. I get through the day easily and am always near a charger whether in the car, home, or office. It's simply a non-issue.

    Bottomline: The Pixel 4 wasn't made for you: https://youtu.be/q-6x1kjSMrk

  2. Google is developing technologies for saving the future of humanity … with the money they got by selling my personal information. So, in a way, I contributed to the saving of humanity. That makes me a saviour. Where is my church?

  3. He's tough on google bc he's clearly a superfine of apple. Data is data. Data will be collected on everyone in the digital age. If not google, some other entity would do it. iPhone users are also sharing their data w/ the services they use. If the services are going to get better on any platform, then data on your users MUST be collected. I work in software dev and its laughable to not think this is the case. User data not only allows you to pivot and make existing services better, but it also allows devs to come up with new products and services based on how users interact w/ current offerings.

    This guy is acting like he's doing a service to the common man by being 'tough' on google. This dude defends so hard. Its almost like he's a Sony fanboy from the ps3 era lol.

  4. Love the quality of your videos, just wish you weren't so biased to apple… They're great but not the end all be all you make them seem

  5. and dont forget, this phone always gets better! Its not like Iphone, when they do a phone and the camera quality stays the same forever until you buy a new iphone. They always make a good software. This thing about the camera unlocking with closed eyes as well – it will be fixed. Im sure they can and they will do it. Im sure they can and they will update and improve everything~

  6. 00:55 into video…He says technologically. I cannot say technologically😄… and my pixel 3 cannot even print it when I use voice to text😄

  7. I have the Pixel 4 XL and love this phone!! While I think it's very easy to pick apart how the Pixel doesn't stack up to the iPhone; just remember, Google has created a real competitor to the iPhone in half the time!! Now, that's true innovation. #teampixel

  8. So my big question is…is it worth moving up from the 2xl to the 4xl…I know there's short comings but coming from a older pixel will it still feel good enough to me lol ..if not I had my eyes on the Note 10 "not the plus" as a option in due for upgrade

  9. I honestly feel like if google did a copy of apple, an Android version with 3 camera and their camera hardware. Pixel 4 would have been a sell out. I honestly felt upset by the lack of bang for the buck. I opened my pixel 4 xl box, and was underwhelmed. I felt sad using the phone somehow. Like it didn't get me excited the same way pixel 2xl did. So I returned the pixel 4xl only a few days later and went back to loving my pixel 2 xl.

  10. I want to like the Google Pixel 4, really do. Sadly, the best thing I can say about the product right now is that the lead product engineer for this phone has been reassigned to corporate and hopefully Google will bring in someone who knows how to make a truly amazing phone. Love the OS, camera and higher screen refresh rate, but for the most part really not good phone: the product design is unoriginal and in my opinion fantastically ugly: nasty aesthetics, forehead, lack of edge to edge screen, camera bump, colors, plastic case (weak structurally), poor battery, storage, silly radar… I mean I can go on-and-on but why? I'm rooting for you Google Pixel 5!

  11. I'm sorry, did you say "professional photographers are still using iPhone cameras"?? I've never once been to a wedding or event and seen a professionally paid photographer using a cell phone to take any shots. That gave me a good laugh while recovering from my hangover this morning.

  12. Samsung might be a better phone but I can't stand having duplicate apps which Android already have. 2 emails, 2 photo galleries, 2 app stores, 2 voice assistances which takes away from a really good phone. Like Pixel phones better but not going to buy the Pixel 4 seems like a device they rush to put out

  13. Love how you say Google is so important when I consider them the worst company on the planet. Actively censorjng free thought for ad sense.

  14. I returned my pixel 4 a few days ago and upgraded to the pixel 3a XL for half the price. Pixel 4 is a nice high end point and shoot camera with a tiny battery, but I needed a smartphone. 😏

  15. I'd love for the ultimate dream pixel phone to exist. But the phone is really good already. I can't wait to upgrade one of these days

  16. The right question before choosing a phone; Where the manufacture is going according to how we use Internet. We like it or not, machine learning is the only alternative of tommorow's survival. Apple is in videos and photos and not in AI and this is not enough to stay in business specially taking his customers for granted with overpriced product and poor visibility. They came up with a brand new MacBook Pro 16' and still have 720 HD camera ! That's says a lot…

  17. I wonder if Google would ever go back to "Google Edition" phones? That makes more sense for them. Basically take that year's Galaxy and put pixel launcher, google camera, and just stock Google apps. Pixel products are all over the place and inconsistent to me.

  18. the phone does adapt with your usage.. You tubers need to stop lying to these people. Battery life is based on the user and the user only not a you tuber bashing battery life

  19. Why was I not subbed to this channel?
    I've only owned Nexus and pixel phones. I had a Sony and LG and a Samsung phone in the past and returned them all. There is something about having a Google phone that more than compensates

  20. Dude. YouTube Gabe me this video as a suggestion. I just subbed. Wow, you did a fantastic job of a review. Objective truth and really good subjective comments. Thanks so much! Can't wait to watch more from you. Hope your channel grows!

  21. Wow. This was hands down the best, most in depth, and most honest review of the Pixel 4 I've seen yet. I am super impressed Rene. Keep doing these kinds of reviews.

  22. I have been with Android from the beginning. After coming over from the Galaxy line I got the Pixel one and then the Pixel 2. I have really come to enjoy the ease of use and thorough integration of Google in these phones. The hardware always left something to be desired. But this phone has cut way too many corners. It doesn't make sense to keep making the decisions that Google is making with these phones. So for the first time ever I went out and purchased the new iPhone 11 Pro with 256 gigs. I prefer smaller phones and the battery of the Pixel 4 is a slap to the face as well so is limiting the available memory to 128gigs. Why?

    I never understood iOS before. I despised it actually. But, i believe this new iteration of the operating service has been "Androidified" enough to where, after a month, I've gotten used to it. Plus I'm using Gboard and Google Maps on amazing hardware with Crazy battery life.

    Google really dropped the ball. They have to stop shortchanging their loyal customers. Give the people what they want.

  23. Battery life needs to get better on all phones. Im a superpower user and use a iPhone X and Galaxy S10+. Charge both phones twice a day at least. I know I'm outside the norm since a lot of people I talk to or try to show them things they can do on their phones don't seem to care or don't use them that much. But these are the same people who complain about phones and switch phones. But yea battery life on my phones if I use it normal I can see those day a day and half. But damn that's mostly keep my phones in my pocket.

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