Quick Vid: Klaus (Review)

What this movie did with its animation is revolutionary and might launch another renaissance for 2D animation. Yes, it’s that good

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24 thoughts on “Quick Vid: Klaus (Review)

  1. I personally loved everything about it and most of the time I didn’t even care about a lot of the negatives because the positives evened them out by far

  2. This could just be a me thing, but I'm actually really glad that they kept the Alva/Jesper thing as a subplot, like such things should be. It didn't get in the way of the main story. And I think that's nother reason people find it so refreshing, because we don't have a huge romance plot thrown into our faces. Also, just saying, the little Sàami girl's name is Màrgu and she has NO business being that cute.

  3. I was gushing all the way through the movie over the animation and the style they used to make it look so… so…. I mean even now I can’t find better words for it, but awesome. I’m an absolute animation fanatic so this movie along with spiderverse are the most recent absolute treats to watch and are a huge inspiration for me, and I’m glad that there’s a community that appreciates them as much as I do.

    Ed: not to mention that I noticed many, MANY points of the movie that could be framed and mounted on a wall and sell for a good profit! Seriously, this movie’s style is phenomenal to me and nearly every frame looks like a painting. I love how they tackled the visuals.

  4. I actually watched it when it came out me and my brother actually liked it we thought it was funny and the storyline was good.

  5. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Netflix made a lot of changes to the original film, like adding Rihanna and hiring all these name voice actors. I have a feeling that the film was made with other voice actors but later dubbed over by these celebrities. That explains why the animation doesn't fully sync up with the speaking and the voices sound kind of forced.

  6. My two gripes with the story:
    When the town finds out Klaus originally wanted to leave, they all turn on him. Like wouldn't they at least talk to him first, asking if that was true? Felt like a contrived plot point.
    Two, they didn't add to Klaus' backstory as being toymaker to the King. In traditional Santa Claus lore, that's what he was, or his family was.

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