17 thoughts on “Restore Your PC from a Norton Ghost Image

  1. I have norton ghost 15.0 trial. I am unable to do this as it doesn't show this option there. i tried to download version 8.2 but struggling

  2. This ghost App was able clone my Disk to other Disk Completely.. lol…. easy way to use such as this software is by using a WinPE… ok thats All..

    P/S : Do not reply My comment.

  3. Very old video, but I can see some are still commenting about how to make actual backups. Note that Ghost was never intended to be a true backup solution, it is made to image computers quickly in high volume. The uploader's intentions seem to be that it is a good idea to take an image backup, in case a virus corrupted your operating system, you could at least revert back without having to reinstall the operating system, on top of all the applications on there.

    This solution does not backup user files, this is where a backup solution comes in. If your computer image was being backed up and got a virus, it is likely also the backup has the virus in it. If you restored the backup, you would probably run into the same exact problem. Backup solutions allow limited files to be restored, so if you had a Ghost image, you could restore all the personal files into your image. Of course viruses work by spreading to other files, so before restoring into the Ghost image, you would definitely want to do a full virus scan. All Windows operating systems come with software to fully backup the computer, it is called Backup/Restore in Windows 7. Search how to create a system image and restore on Google, it is completely free and will backup the entire operating system. As I said before however, if there is a virus somewhere on the backup, you can be sure that will end up in your restored backup as well.

    Ghost allows to go back in time basically, before any user files were on the computer. You could basically use a system/image backup to keep all your personal files, then scan them for infection to see if they are safe to restore. Using both technologies for different purposes allows you a better chance to restore, from more failure scenarios. Ghost is very expensive, and it is unlikely you would ever have the license for it. What you could do is simply take a Windows system/image backup after installing operating system and applications. Keep that saved somewhere safe, then take actual backups stored in a different location. It would allow you to do what I described, just completely free. I hope this helps someone, use system/image backups, the only limitation is it must be restored to same hardware. If your hardware went bad however, you can mount the VHD to a local computer and extract individual files.

  4. Hey man whats the version of norton ghost you are usin ?! Cause when i try to do this with norton ghost 15 its not workin! I think the problem is that i made my image with an old version of the program and now its not maching with the ghost 15 :/ Help please

  5. than you so much i have the backup file and the dealer would'nt tell me how to restore it thank you for this video and i am subscribe it

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