Roborock S6 Review – Ridiculously Smart, Meticulously Clean

Roborock’s third-generation robot vacuum, the Roborock S6, is another excellent follow-up to its original big-name value robot vacuum, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum.
Two corrections to note: The vacuum runs 50% quieter than the Roborock S50 in balanced mode.
When the S6 is running on less than 20% of battery, it will head back to the charging dock and will recharge up to 80% full, before heading back to where it has left off again

The Roborock S6 still utilizes the Mi Home app as an interface, but there’s a new set of brains behind the vacuum and a brand new motor as well. It’s 50% quieter yet still can offer the same 2000pa maximum suction as the Roborock S5 could, and it’s even got some new brushes to create the most efficient clean we’ve ever seen.

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51 thoughts on “Roborock S6 Review – Ridiculously Smart, Meticulously Clean

  1. Clarification: the Roborock S60 is 50% quieter than the Roborock S50 in balanced cleaning mode as well.

  2. Does Roborock S6 suck out dirt from the cracks of the wooden floor well?As good as the DEBOT 950? Or as bad as Roborock S5??

  3. Which of these robots is more powerful? And which one cleans better, Which one would you recommend from these two models? Deebot Ozmo 950 or Roborock S6 ???

  4. When will they start communicating with indoor doors so doors can open/close as needed by the robot? Or at least as first development step recognize that it's a door and try to push it till entering the room.

  5. It's a nice gadget toy for fun but certainly not a true vacuum cleaner by far, it can suck only dust and that if it isn't thick of a layer.

  6. Nice Machine. Thanks for the review. For the mopping I would use Kraftglanz, non chemical cleaning solution. Makes your floor clean and your devices won't get damaged.

  7. For some reason your Mi Home app looks much better than mine on an Android. Does Xiaomi change the app interface depending on the device? I use S5.

  8. Great review. I will hold out until they have a self cleaning base like Roomba. Either they are Neato has to get out one at a reasonable price within a year I bet. Whomever does first gets my money.

  9. The floating head brush could be big problem. It will not deep clean just ride above a stiff carpet. I7+ still is king and will be until they all have auto dust bin emptying

  10. Had my S5 for about 18 months, and it's been great. Smart, reliable, and quiet, with a nice voice. Won't hesitate to get the S6 when the S5 gets old. Some people need to chill about a lack of "updates" in the S6, because the cost is the same. Really, not much room for improvement in the S5, just a few niggling things.

  11. Your review didn't really say how well the S6 cleans, particularly edge cleaning. Can you please provide more information on cleaning results? Thank you.

  12. I was about to buy s5 and im so happy this better version came out, but now i will have to look at it again towards other new ones

  13. I hope this UI update will come to my s5 that I bought this christmas. And who cares about it beeing more quiet then s5, 95% of ppl will be somewhere else while it cleaning.

  14. The review mentions 5ghz wifi but I haven't been able to find this spec listed anywhere online; can anyone confirm that it does have 5ghz wifi please?

  15. spining sensor is attached to main rotor with a ruber band, and yes rubber dosent last much. Mopping with only water is useless.

  16. This is 90% a roborock s5 firmware upgrade masquerading as a new model. Shame on you roborock. Support your existing models

  17. What about mop carpet mode? I don't see any reason upgrading from s5. I dont have a huge flat, and if i did it would go back to charge and continue the cleaning.

  18. Nothing new, just trying to fleece more money from customers. The userbase are really pissed at Roborock with their behavior lately promising things in software updates and not delivering then making it available in a paid upgrade. They are even deleting and banning people who bring up issues with bugs and push them for a fix. I most certainly will not be giving this shady company another cent.

  19. One thing i'll say, robots vacuums are amazing, until you have to clean the brush! If you have long hair or/pets, this is a nightmare. You've been warned 😆

  20. The roborock S6 brings almost nothing new compared to the roborock S5. Only software. What Roborock doesn't seem to understand is that robot vacuums are not like cellphones to release one every year, or every year and a half. People don't go with their vacuums and put them on a bar so people see that they have the latest generation. They don't try to be cool with them. The robot vacuum no matter what brand stays in a corner or underneth some furniture and wayts to be put to work. You care how well it improves your life. How well it can vacuum, how long it's battery lasts, how well it navigates (cover entire house, climb and go around obstacles, go underneeth furniture, etc), how much maintanance it needs (cleaning filters, emptying dustbox,etc), how long it lasts in time (you don't want to buy one every year), about it's mopping abilities. You care less about it's noise level since it mostly works when you're not home or about it's looks about the colorphones of the application. Even Apple, Samsung, Huawei understand that they have to release new software for previous models in order to keep their customers and to make the phones work good. Xiaomi Roborock (or just Roborock) doesn't seem to understand that. They don't care about their former customers. After a very bad warranty pollicy now they take the same thing, replace the buttons and try to sell it as a completly new and better product when the only difference is in the software (application). It is a lie that the S5 can't support multiple floors or room management. Since it can suport no go zones it means that it knows how the house (rooms) are deployied and how to "split" the house into different areas. They just give that option to some customers and to some others don't with the same product. Everyone would have understood if the robot where to have major improvements. Like a self emptying dock like the roomba i7+, a very good mop like narwal (what they did to the mop is useless upgrade + you can put it to the S5) or a much bigger vacuuming ability (it has the same 2000 MPa like the S5). A bigger battery life, it has still like the former model 5200 mAh battery. Noooo the only difference is the SOFTWARE,… This robot doesn't worth buying since the companys pollicy is to put one out on the market every year and not provide firmware support for their older models. Better buy a brand that knows how to value it's customers not spit on their face with warranty issues and cheat them with software.

  21. These are great if you are too poor to buy a house with multiple floors and too lazy to spend the 5 minutes vacuum your single level apartment.

  22. Clarification: the Roborock S60 is 50% quieter than the Roborock S50 in balanced cleaning mode as well.

  23. Clarification: the Roborock S60 is 50% quieter than the Roborock S50 in balanced cleaning mode as well.

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