Spider-Man: Far From Home | Spoiler Review!

Dan Murrell & Eric Goldman react to the post credits scene and breakdown EVERY spoiler part of Spider-Man: Far From Home | it’s Fandom Entertainment’s Full Spoiler Reviews!
Spider-Man: Far From Home | Spoiler Review!
Review by Dan Murrell & Eric Goldman
Produced by Ryan O’Toole
Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
Tech Director: Josh “JTE” Tapia
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

source: https://chaddnrc.net

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47 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Far From Home | Spoiler Review!

  1. Thanks for watching our full spoiler review! We have two awesome SJU episodes pre-taped for the rest of the week and will be back live on Monday after we come back from the US Holiday 😀 NOTE: Iron Man 1 and 2 were both in phase 1 – thank you commenters

  2. I knew Mysterio because of the PS2 game Spider-Man 2 based on the movie Spider-Man 2 and the illusion sequences was exactly like I remembered from the game which is fantastic especially the multiple Spider-Mans and in the game they came out of the out of the funhouse mirrors and the multiple Mysterios not knowing which one is the real one so really it was actually Bruce Campbell that told me about mysterios powers and motivations although the game was a lot more comic book accurate but at the same time I really like how they changed his story to work and evolve him with everything that’s been set up.

  3. No mention of the “Peter Tingle”?
    That was my favorite part haha, and I love how it was his main power in the final final battle

  4. Oh boy, this is awkward! I just left the cinema having finally seen this film and just before I put on this video the news broke that Sony and Disney are cutting ties. So with no more Spidey in the MCU it frames their discussion about the next phase much differently!

  5. I'm okay with the "shapeshifters imitating people" business but I still don't like how they've handled the Skrulls. They're supposed to be bad guys, I don't like the alignment shift.

  6. Easily my favourite Spider-Man movie to date! Whilst watching I didn’t like fury, he didn’t seem right…didn’t buy it…then the reveal! Boom! Well played. And even knowing about Mysterio going into it didn’t ruin anything, that’s the character, you’ve got to let them be some times and not worry about surprising everyone with everything or putting a twist on it. I wasn’t a huge fan of homecoming but I can’t wait for more from the Spider-Man franchise now!

  7. I saw Spider Man FFH yesterday
    And I just knew Mysterio wasn't to be trusted

    When Peter handed off the shades I just kept going "no, no, no! You idiot! Oh no"
    And my sister was like, "why? It's Jake Gyllenhaal. He's a good guy"

    And I'm like "no! Mysterio's a bad guy. I don't know what he's up to, but he can't be trusted"

    And then it went into the long comical exposition
    And my sister was like, "…oh"
    And I was like "told you so"

  8. I don’t think Mysterio is dead. They showed they captured 500 drones and the transfer of EDITH appeared odd and the wording she chose was odd, setting Peter up for the end scene.

  9. This movie kinda sucked for me. I appreciated the humor in the beginning, but halfway through you realize this movie is just gonna be a joke and never get serious. I thought the villain was pretty weak too. I don't know what idiot decided to make the movie take place in Europe. We could have gotten such a bad ass story in NY. Also, J Jonah Jameson did absolutely nothing for me.

  10. I’m pretty sure the nick Fury in space was him setting up the counterpart to S.H.I.E.L.D called S.W.O.R.D. The sleeper cells are probably the Kree that look like humans so they would blend better that the blue Kree

  11. I was not expecting how much I loved this movie. This is by far my favourite Spider-Man!!!!
    Fun fact: in my screening we were all laughing at the “I love Led Zeppelin” joke and a kid next to me asked his dad “what’s funny ? 🤔” And I just laughed even more 😂😂😂😂

  12. I don't really think Mysterio is dead. When Peter uses his glasses to check "is this real?" the only confirmation he gets is that there are no holograms running at the moment. That does not exclude the fact that Quentin could've been acting, since Peter just kind of leaves his body there and assumes he's dead. Feels perfectly in line with his character.

  13. 🤔 Help Me Out!! Just to be clear Mysterio really didn't have any powers?? So how did He fly up and have a conversation with Peter on the ledge??

  14. I'm surprised you guys are automatically assuming Mysterio is dead. Come on! This character is the master of illusion and misdirection. "Even Dead I'm The Hero" could also refer to Mysterio, not just Tony Stark.

  15. I ain't no hardcore MCU fan but even i know that Iron Man and Iron Man 2 were also 2 Solo movies that was also in just one "Phase" of movies.

  16. Don't be silly, Mysterio's not dead. And even if Quentin Beck died the character of "Mysterio" is still being used by his whole team.

  17. Tony Stark driving Peter Parker's motivation even dead

    Uncle Ben: Am I a fucking joke to you? what the fuck Marvel?

  18. When you do the Far From Home honest trailer, the 'starring' for Angourie Rice's character should be "Don't make me Angourie, you won't like me when I'm Angourie"

  19. One question i had right from the jump in this movie was the progression from Homecoming of Peter and MJ having just a quirky and almost distant friendship, then 2 movies worth of explosions, then Far From Home starts and he's trying to figure out how to tell her he likes her? I get it's MJ, and that means Peter is going to like her, but I felt like I missed a chunk of content somewhere. Was it just implied from them coming back for the school year they missed? Maybe I blacked out for a scene? Didn't hurt the movie for me, but felt a bit disjointed.

    That was countered though by a realistic take on what it'd be like for Spider-man to bring you along for a ride on a web swing. Smooth and easy for us as removed 3rd person viewers, terrifying and windy for the rider.

  20. Part of me thinks Mysterio is still alive. He could have easily faked his death. He was a good villain, and the MCU needs more of that.

  21. The thing I really liked about mysterio was that he wasn't just one person, he was a team of people, a character. So even if Beck died (which I'm not sure about) the rest of the team isn't dead, so mysterio lives on with them.

  22. for the 15:30 conversation about secret identities, no other hero in the MCU will be hounded by the police now and be defamed as Spider-Man will be. Bucky comes to mind but he is not a main hero. It will be an interesting dynamic. Plus Peter Parker is a high school kid who wants to keep a normal life on the side of being a regular kid who studies and graduates.

  23. I think it's cool how the movie doubled up on its theme of illusion and deception. The end credit scene presenting Fury as a skrull revealed that there was a whole other level of illusion before there was even a threat.

  24. I started the movie thinking Mysterio was more like a Turbo from Wreck-It Wralph: a loser in his world who wanted to be seen as a winner and a hero, traveling to another one where he could be important and beloved. So I suspected he made his own threat in a new world to accomplish this. Turns out he was more of a Syndrome from the Incredibles, intent on creating a monster that only he could fight as a result of feeling slighted by an actual hero. He also set out to "kill off real heroes so that [he] could pretend to be one" using his intellect and his technological savvy.

  25. Peter tingle was a funny joke, but can you imagine how its gonna make it feel when somebody says Peter Tingle and he corrects them "No its spider sense *runs/swings off"

  26. While I thought the movie was just ok, I really did not like the end credits Skrull reveal. I thought it was meant to play for laughs but to me it inadvertently completely derailed the entire movie. Nick Fury's relationship with Peter was completely fake and there interaction and story arc was meaningless…..

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