Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order – Game Review

A single player Star Wars adventure with no loot boxes, just pure gameplay adventure. Is it all one could hope it would be? Here’s my review of STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER!

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28 thoughts on “Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order – Game Review

  1. One the very few times I purchased a game at full price and have no regrets…." 👋 This is the game your looking for👋"…😅😅😅….pink Pancho plus a magenta lightsaber…raises a lot of eyebrows 🤨🤨.😂🤣.

  2. It seems like no one is talking about the god awful map design in this game. I feel like I have to wander around and parkour for 2 hours to play the game for 5 minutes. And the holo-map is useless and confusing. It really is taking me out of the game very badly

  3. I felt more like a badass at the end of Jedi: Fallen Order than The Force Unleashed because I felt like there was more progression compared to The Force Unleashed.

  4. I rented it on PS4 but ended up getting the full game for the PC and its a huge upgrade. The game looks better and runs better and load times are short

  5. i just finished the game today. personally it was very flawed and im disappointed in respawn. 7/10 experience. i suggest waiting for a deep sale like $20

  6. The great illidan part killed me 😀 10/10 Jeremy 🙂 I was also not prepared lolol. Fun game but really hard at points XD

  7. I love how the Souls Series has changed the way games can be. EA taking pages from FromSoftware is flattering and refreshing to see that companies are respecting player capabilities.

  8. Great review Jeremy, fun and entertaining, you're excitement for this game makes me wanna play it, but I'll wait until new updates and may be a lower price, but it looks great!

  9. this is how you do a review. learn from this man other youtubers
    actually talking about the content instead of your personal wank? sold

  10. Idk if that "forged in the fire" line was an intended reference but regardless I approve!
    And as someone who's played all the souls-borne games and loves them I absolutely loved Jedi fallen order aswell.

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