The Last of Us Part II Review

My review of the highly anticipated game, The Last Of Us Part II.

This game features Joel and Ellie fighting for survival, one last time.

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27 thoughts on “The Last of Us Part II Review

  1. Some of you may think this is one of those cheap April Fool's Day videos but today is only March 31st, therefore it cannot be.

  2. YouTube prompted me to review this one… Or was that more from your team of Anaylzers? Gave it 5 out of 5 stars on all categories just for the spoiler warning.

  3. I thought part 1 is about love, because Joel and Ellie developed their platonic relationship with each other, while part 2 with hate because Ellie will get to know about Joel's wellbeing and also, her unknown past.

  4. Im going to hope you pulled this "spoiler" out of your pants for Humor and not out of the real game, because to just spoil it for a joke/trolling would've been really mean 🙁

  5. Wait, do we actually get to play as Joel after the outbreak? You got a source? If so, that shit is getting me crazy hyped up man.

  6. Na man… this is the best troll I've been able to walk away from all month. I'm pissing myself over here.

  7. Literally tells you Ellie dies… and then continues to say "stay tuned for spoiler free updates." I can't even… lol

  8. I always forget about the cursed day every year. So I admit, you got me to google "last of us 2 release date"

    Also, thumbs up for fa[t]al error.

  9. I would make a joke about it being a poorly timed April fool's joke, literally a day early, but please don't scare me like this again

  10. Did he just tell me ellie dies? And then proceeded to say that his reviews are spoilerfree? What the fuck just happened? Did i get bamboozeled again?

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