This Unit Is Trash | Last Cloudia Banner Review

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8 thoughts on “This Unit Is Trash | Last Cloudia Banner Review

  1. I like the fact you completely ignore Black Melza is also A tier in the physical section of the tier list youre using. If you're not using her and haven't used her and dont intend to even try and use her, what is your "review"/opinion worth? Surely you can only say a unit is trash having tried it? or is your review purely a case of mis-translating existing tier lists?

  2. Bro, I think the point of last Cloudia is that while there are tier list, you can build your characters however which way you want. That's why personally, I'm going for a more skill spam/Fast SCT Kyle or lukiel build. Is that how you should play? I don't know. But do I love beating the shit out of an enemy through pure force and skill spam like a tales game? Abso fucking lutely!!!

  3. Shes a hybrid unit like robin. It's why her teir is low because shes master of none. She has one of the hardest hitting basic atk in game tho so she has alot of potential for end game bossing

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