Vietnam outdoor pot planters you should buy.

Sandy cement concrete pots

Using decorative pots for outdoor decoration or indoor furniture is a smart layout that not only helps your home space become impressive but also helps bring a fresh breeze to the house. Hieta garden‘s sandy cement a simple pot but the simplicity itself is an impressive highlight for the space it is present. Possessing a somewhat monotonous appearance, the harmonious combination of shapes, materials and colors helps the pot still exudes sophistication and impression. With the minimalist architecture trend, Sandy cement will be an impressive highlight for your living and working space.

Sandy planter pots

Sandy cement concrete pots bring beauty from the impression of sandy motifs and own their durability of concrete materials to create a perfect product to meet the quality of aesthetic quality. Therefore, it is not too difficult to explain the attraction of the model of Sandy cement pots. With a simple design with the combination of impressive colors, the model of pot-shaped Sandy cement pots possesses outstanding advantages such as suitable for many types of ornamental plants, less costly to clean and durable according to the time. Time and especially the price is quite cheap compared to the quality of the product.
Sample of pots of cement large shaped pot is often used in the luxurious design space with modern European style thanks to the simple beauty and impressive eye-catching colors. If you are a person who loves the beauty of the space, Sandy cement will surely be the pots that bring absolute satisfaction to your home space.
Wherever it is, at any given space, the Sandy cement pots always bring satisfaction, an impressive view and fresh breeze to admire. It can be said that this is a model of not only beautiful pots but also gives homeowners many unique space decoration ideas.
With this beautiful potted plant, you can grow many beautiful plants and help bring nature into space, embellish the living space and work freshly. The rustic and refined beauty of Sandy cement pot will help you have more choices for your home.
Information about Sandy cement pot – H004:
– Material: New concrete – 70% lighter than natural stone material
– Colors: Duck neck and Opaque white.
– Simple, delicate and unique design with sand rough surface.
– Used for garden, living room, lobby, office, …
– Produced according to European standards in Vietnam
– Size: 50x50x55; 38x38x42; 28x28x30

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Hand painting concrete pot

Fresh plant pots will make your home full of flavor, freshness and excitement. A few pots arranged in space will help the house add green and beautiful parts.
Hand painting concrete pot brings modern beauty in line with modern life. People love and choose to decorate the house, garden, company or restaurant … As one of the pots of high quality and luxurious plants, it is suitable for making decorative plants pots and pots. Exterior decorative plants. Good quality, will surely satisfy any difficult customer.
Hand painting concrete pot is one of the plant pots with luxurious and modern design, suitable for decorating many landscapes. Pots of good quality will surely satisfy any discerning guest. Hand painting concrete pot overcomes most of the disadvantages of pots of other material plants, and has a very long life, easy to clean so it is always shiny. Outdoor pots are made of concrete so it is very durable, not broken when poured, withstands strong and compact impact. Easily move plant pots to your desired location.

Handpainting outdoor plant pots

Hand painting concrete pot has a simple but extremely luxurious design. It is the harmonious color harmony plus the beautiful symmetrical triangles that create a whole and beautiful whole. The minimalist design and luxurious colors help Hand painting concrete pot impress all eyes when caught.
Hand painting concrete pot with round design with modern style, luxurious design. Pots are often selected to decorate high-class landscapes such as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, showrooms, …; Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, showrooms, …; Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, showrooms, …; Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, showrooms, etc. The simple and rustic nature of Hand painting concrete pot can be arranged all over the space, bringing new and luxurious breath to your home.
Hand painting concrete pot brings a modern style from Europe, with a unique and simple design outside the pot to make the modernity of the pot increase, making it a great complement for garden or interior. Your house interior.
Information about Sandy cement pot:
– Material: Glass fiber concrete – 70% lighter than natural stone material
– Color: Black and white.
– Simple, delicate and unique design with beautiful motifs.
– Used for garden, living room, lobby, office, …
– Produced according to European standards in Vietnam
– Size: 40x40x38; 30x30x28; 20x20x18

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