Xiaomi Mi A3 Review || Good Camera, Low Res Screen, Iffy Fingerprint Reader

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I notice the price is currently $199 and that makes this phone a lot more compelling than the $279 original price tag when I first reviewed it. Review is based on original price.

This phone has a lot going for it: a good build quality, decent camera and a headphone jack; but sadly I think the low res screen and poor fingerprint sensor make it not worth buying at its list price. Maybe if it drops below US $200 then I would consider it more.

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18 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi A3 Review || Good Camera, Low Res Screen, Iffy Fingerprint Reader

  1. I bought the MiA3 from TobyDeals

    It is an excellent travel companion where U need long battery life

    Other devices I considered were the Samsung A30 and Huawei P30 lite and an iPhone 7. I used to use a Uhans mobile with 5000 mAh battery that was good value but little known

  2. Screen protectors makes fingerprint difficult to read. Fingerprint reader not good as flagship phones however not bad as Samsung A50.

  3. On my view is the cheapest phone to get: Sony imx586, a super amolde display and a onscreen fingerprint. Plus Android one and you have one of the best experiences ever

  4. U should be thankful that ur getting a sensor in display for 250 and considering the price don’t expect it will be a very fast and good scanner

  5. In India it's around 170$ dollars m happy with mi A3 camera is excellent m using gcam..but low sound in earphones hope xiaomi fix it asap

  6. As of Sept 3rd 2019 you can get this phone for $192 USD with Amazon Prime ($170 if you import from Aliexpress). I think originally when it was priced at $250 globally it was a stretch. Like most phones especially Xiaomi, wait 3 months for the price to drop and let them get updated as they come with buggy software at launch.

  7. Great review, thanks.
    The battery life for me is so important, I currently have a S6 that may as well be home phone now as it has to be plugged in more than it isn't!

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