Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Review Hands On Fast Look Bangla

Xiaomi has been saving its most exciting technologies for the Mix lineup and the released Mi Mix Alpha did not disappoint us and it has a wrap-around display, 108 MP camera and the latest chipset by Qualcomm. massive caveat that we just have to mention – it will cos that is over $2,800. the Mi Mix Alpha is more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the yet-unreleased Huawei Mate X. Xiaomi Mi Mix Alfa Review Hands On Fast Look Bangla
The king phone will have Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset, 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage. battery is 4,050 nano silicone cathode power cell with 40W wired fast-charging. Xiaomi says this design allows it to a screen to body ratio of 180%. It’s higher than even the Mate X foldable phone,
in video prize mistake hoiye gese,
real prize $ 2,800.
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