Xiaomi Yuemi MK06C Review – A Classy Mechanical Keyboard?

The Xiaomi Yuemi! I really enjoyed this review and I hope you did too!

If you want to buy this mechanical keyboard I got a discount to give you guys for watching my video! Thanks so much 🙂

Buy the Xiaomi Yuemi MK06C Here:

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+ Metal Plate
+ Windows/Mac Compatible
+ PBT keycaps! Finally.
+ Slim, classy and unique look without looking cheap using plastic.
+ PCB in decent condition
+ Great Packaging

-+ No LED Backlight or options to solder LED DIY

– No lube on stabilizers plus stabs wiggle alot
– No detachable cable 🙁
– Only available in Cherry Red
– Could include at least some English in the manual and on the box despite being easy to decipher.

Some specs I might have missed:

Model: MK06C – Full Size
Material: PC/ABS Case + Aluminum Alloy Internal Switch Plate
Switch: Original Cherry Red Linear Switch
Weight: 1 KG
Cable length: 1.8M


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6 thoughts on “Xiaomi Yuemi MK06C Review – A Classy Mechanical Keyboard?

  1. hey juju do you think this(mk06c)will be worth it for $85 from aliexpress i would also have to pay about half of that because of import taxes. so it should cost me around $130-140 and then i plan on buying a set of 104 blank whitegray keycaps and maybe 60 pink ones all in all a total of $140(keyboard+taxes) and $40(keycaps(30)+taxes).

  2. Hey Guys! Hope you liked the review 🙂

    Did you like the style and quality of this video? Let me know and I will continue doing it!

    Let me know if you are going to purchase this keyboard! It was really great to review.

    – JUJU

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